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Thunderbird meeting notes 2014-12-02. Previous meetings:


wsmwk, rkent, jcranmer, clokep, magnus (on and off)

Action items from last meetings

  • wsmwk: Thunderbird start page for anniversary, with localizations
  • wsmwk: Get Involved, get the "Thunderbird path" operating

Friends of the tree

Current status and discussions

  • TB31.3.0 just released Dec 1

Critical Issues

  • Critical bugs keeping us from moving from 24 to 31. Please leave these here until they're confirmed fixed.

Why are we throttled? Because 1) waiting for TB 31.3, and 2) still hoping for bug 1045958 3) need auto-complete bug approved. Dec 1/2 is now release date.


  • TB31.3.0 moved to ~ Dec 1 (but builds are done ~ a week before)

Round Table


  • Thunderbird Start Page bug 1103396
    • moving to bedrock, to be localized
    • will feature 10th anniversary of Thunderbird 1.0
    • will NOT have new graphic
    • "Get Involved/Contribute" will point to instead of Mozilla contribute pages, which currently do not have a path for potential Thunderbird volunteers
  • wsmwk: Get the Thunderbird 38 bugzilla flag created
    • not heard from standard8

JosiahOne (not at meeting)

  • Not at this meeting or probably the next one because of finals. That's also why I'm often not around. I'm pretty much just reading mail and doing reviews for the next couple weeks.
  • Shared accountProvisioner.css bug 1104931
  • Lightweight themes broken on Mac. bug 1105841. I will be working on that this week.

clokep (not at meeting)

  • Google Talk works again due to changes on the Necko side: bug 1092701
  • firefoxtree now supports comm-central bug 1100692, but not other comm trees
  • Starting to look at Instantbird blockers for 1.6. (Hope to release on Mozilla 36)


Generally way behind since I was away all of last week. Fighting build bugs again.

  • Blog posting done. I want to get Twitter and Facebook credentials though before I do another.
  • How should we handle permissions? There are SO many of them. Have a single person who administers them, like Standard8 did?
  • Disappointed that we released 31.3 without a fix for the Japan Mac bug. What can we do to improve focus on issues affecting releases?
    • wsmwk will work up a proposal
  • How should we organize a marketing group? We need to have discussions of things like content of the start page, and branding, in an interested group. (I would like to propose that we name releases using bird names, starting with TB 38 = "Avocet")

Question Time

Support team


Action Items