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Thunderbird meeting notes 2014-12-16. Previous meetings:


wsmwk, rkent, jcranmer, magnus, mconley, aceman (no mic), Pegasus, Paenglab

Action items from last meetings

Friends of the tree

  • Hiro!!

Current status and discussions

  • TB31.3.0 just released Dec 1

Critical Issues

  • Critical bugs. Please leave these here until they're confirmed fixed.


Round Table


  • wsmwk: Get the Thunderbird 38 bugzilla flag created
    • not heard from standard8
    • mconley: Can sylvestre do this? Or bkerensa?


  • I'm trying to focus on the >4GB bugs with aceman now.
  • Can we discuss the key pieces needed to move the google auth gmail issue forward? We are still getting discussion about not doing it at all, but we are committed, right?
  • I propose that in early January we approach Mozilla with plans for our future (the letter that JB suggested that we write).
  • I brought SkinkGlue compatibility up to gecko37 last week so that I can start to focus on incorporating this into core.
  • After Wayne does his initial work to merge the start page into bedrock, I want to redo that page to include more ability to communicate with our users. That would include specific recruitment for volunteer roles.
  • I want to do a blog posting this week with the Thunderbird usage figures in it.
  • Disappointed that we released 31.3 without a fix for the Japan Mac bug. What can we do to improve focus on issues affecting releases? Like can we get a list of key regressions in current TB 37, prioritize, and start to increase their visibility?
    • wsmwk will work up a proposal


  • Hope to clear out my review queue over the holidays. Fingers crossed!
  • Whatever happened with Aaron and the video that we shot?



  • tracked down bug 947616 - seamonkey migration patch now wating to land
  • bug 1081190 - can't install dictionaries from webpages
  • worked on bug {{bug|718613} - port js-based ProfileMigrator
  • reviews


  • Hoping to look again at the WebRTC patches over the holidays
  • Will start asking for GSoC project ideas in January

Question Time

  • If "Friend of the Tree" still exists, how about nominating hiro for tackling the jquery bug (among other things)?
  • Pegasus: I'm personally interested in the LDAP editing bug bug 86405. Are there any developments other than what's in it?

Support team

new contributor duggabe (thanks! and welcome!) is looking at the Thunderbird Knowledge Base Information Architecture (i.e. we need to change how the TB content is categorized to make it better in terms of SEO and helping users)


Action Items