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  • theming
  • search working

How to Write articles and Meta Content

For now please refer to: Thunderbird/Support/InitialHowToWriteKBArticles as well as the style guides below.

Thunderbird / MoMo versions of Firefox style guides: (won't be able to get to this before Christmas methinks but can schedule for new year, in the meantime, refer initial contributers to the Firefox versions)

Thunderbird 3 related content

Link to articles after completed in the status column Bug for adding SuMoMo product and component for KB articles:

article priority start/end date status
How to use Global Search P1
Completed - on SuMoMo staging
How to use Tabs in Thunderbird 3 - 530113 P1
Completed - on SuMoMo staging
Message Archiving P1
Completed - on

SuMoMo staging

Thunderbird 3 for Windows 7 Users - 530116 P1

Thunderbird 3 for Users - 530118 P1
Draft completed by TMZ (requires editing and approval)
Setting up Thunderbird 3 - 530122 P1
split into 3 by Jen Zed - 1 of 3 done, New in 3.0, left to do: sending and receiving mail,new accounts
Keyboard Shortcuts - 530123 P1
Completed, draft on SuMoMo by Jen Zed]
How to create a Signature File - 530127 P2
Completed - on SuMoMo Stage
ISPDB for Users - 530131 P2
draft in progress by Jen Zed
Moving from Thunderbird 2 to 3 - 530133 P2

What is the Migration Assistant - 530135 P2
draft in progress by Jen Zed

Lower Priority

not in any order of priority

Lightning related content

see Calendar:Documentation

Frequently asked support questions related content

FAQ page and have answers to the following support questions (link to GS answers)

  • Cannot send email
  • AT&T Yahoo
  • Window Live Mail / Hotmail
  • what to do when email lost (compact folders)
  • Compacting Folders
  • Deleting index files .msf
  • Backing up data
  • periodic maintenance
  • How to use Get Satisfaction to get support
  • How to help support others using Get Satisfaction
  • setting default to html email
  • setting default to plain text
  • how to temporarily change the default for composition form using the Shift key
  • importing Outlook email and contacts into Windows 7 i.e starting from scratch
  • importing Outlook email and contacts into Vista