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SuMoMo 1.0

This page documents the tasks for SUMO for Mozilla Messaging's KB only (no live chat or forums because we use GS) aka "SuMoMo" deployment tentatively scheduled for November 2009 shortly after Thunderbird 3.0 ships. Let's call this release "SuMoMo 1.0"

(not in any order, numbered for convenience)

  1. create tracker bug (many of the following will be bugs under the tracker bug) -
  2. decide on SUMO version, 1.4.?
    1. for now with the _20091001 tag, done October 13, 2009 by gozer
    2. switch to 1.4.1 when ready, freeze on October 15th, tag when QA'ed
  3. create staging web instance -
  4. create staging database instance -
  5. create production web instances -
  6. create production databases instances -
  7. decide and implement a backup policy -
  8. create initial SuMoMo content:
    1. Priority 1 - total 7 of which 3 need final editing, 1 in progress, 3 more to be written - all will be done by January 15 except possibly Windows 7 article
    2. Priority 2 - total 4 of which: 1 done needs final editing, 3 more left to be written - all will be done by January 15
  9. create initial SUMO theme (minimal theme is to basically use web designer or agency e.g. Silver Orange or Royal Order to re-skin Fennec theme with MoMo graphics and throw in GS widgets and then get a Web Dev (or the web agency) to convert to SUMO theme) -
    1. initial theming done by Gary Cunningham-Lee and is on trunk.sumomo and gary.trunk.sumomo, just needs to be pushed from trunk to stage - pushed January 12
    2. some theme tweaking will be needed - estimate 2 hours e.g. for Get Satisfaction SSL tweak, for some reason the Satisfaction Search Widget doesn't have "Allow SSL" unlike the rest of the GS widgets which do have "Allow SSL" - - emailed GS folks Dec 22 and January 4th about this issue, promised by end of January 15, 2010 - update pushed January 13 need to test
  10. final configuration and testing
    1. confirm KB notification emails say Thunderbird instead of Firefox - confirmed
    2. vet configuration for any other Firefox-isms that have to be changed to Thunderbird
    3. bug 539995 - Sysadmin tasks for moving staging to production, i.e.: Thunderbird/Support/SUMO_Project_Plan_Thunderbird3#Final_Sysadmin_tasks_for_SuMoo_1.0
    4. final nonsysadmin tasks
    5. final content tasks
    6. meta content

Known Bugs that will ship with SuMoMo 1.0

  1. English only
  2. No Lightning Documentation - in progress in German and English
  3. Style and other meta guides link to
  4. When approving an article, i.e. changing category from "Staging" to "Knowledge Base", get a White Screen of Death. bug 539609 maybe a duplicate of SUMO bug 480415
  5. search will return zero results until google has a chance to spider the site which could take a few hours to a week
  6. Automate Creation of SuMoMo ALL KB Articles page - bug 540483
  7. Have to preview when adding images - SUMO bug for post SuMoMo 1.0

Final Sysadmin tasks for SuMoMo 1.0

not in order, numbered for convenience

  1. create as a temporary name for the live version of the site
  2. ensure google analytics is setup for the site, ominiture will probably be used post 1.0
  3. copying content & db from stage to prod
  4. password protecting prod
  5. changing settings and testing prod
  6. flip the Apache switch to make it live

Final Non Sysadmin tasks for SuMoMo 1.0

  1. auto-logout bug with bot error message "You have mistyped the anti-bot verification code; please try again.", if you take a long time to edit an article than you are auto-logged out and you lose your article, encountered by JenZed multiple times, seems to come from code in webroot/tiki-editpage.php - fixed by changing "Session lifetime in minutes" from 40 to 180 minutes - 3 hours ought to be enough :-) !
  2. either hardcode "all articles" page or get it to work by hardcoding omniture file using the sample file from Cww
  3. layout problem: under certain circumstances while editing, the edit window overlaps the navigation elements on the right side of the page (repro: edit*Global+Search) - testing fix from Gary to webroot/styles/momocommon.css, revision 60649 - Got Gary to rebase his fix on top of 58624, committed with revision 60682, testing - it works!
  4. some links in the Contributor Tools section of the page are broken
  5. where it says "Firefox Support" it should say "Thunderbird Support" (several places)
  6. need to manually modify a URL to create a new page -
  7. need to "Preview" in order to upload an image - add this to wiki help or to edit page theme and create a bug for post 1.0
  8. search doesn't work (permission error?)

final content tasks

  1. proofread all content
  2. test 5 pages in IE8

meta content

  1. Contributor+Home+Page -either put in a draft version OR change home page for contributors to be home page rather than Contributor+Home+Page
  2. tiki-register.php - Remove "Looking for Support" box or alter it for Thunderbird - not a tiki-module or plugin looks to be in sql in table tiki_programmed_content, db/sumo_clean_schema.sql - there is a web interface at, fixed!
  3. heavily edit content on home page with JenZed i.e. fix Thunderbird Support Home Page content and rename to Thunderbird Knowledge Base - rename done, awaiting cache update so it sticks as front page - turns out is a redirect in webroot/htaccess.dist, commited change 60608 to trunk, hmmm not working, emailed gozer - missed other redirect, fixed
  4. the "Print" function displays a version of the page without the headers or sidebar (which is ok but not great) but contains the text "hello world" at the top, update: found "hello world" in webroot/templates/header.tpl, do i simply copy that to momokb directory and then remove "hello world" or is there another better way? - no better way, I have committed this to trunk 60426
  5. the "Mozilla Messaging / Knowledge Base" breadcrumb links to, which needs to be fixed
  6. The feedback questions at the bottom of the page shouldn't be displayed on portal pages, only article pages. - might need theme fix to "display none" pollarea and pollarea2 if category is Administration - committed momocommon_nopoll.css revision 60693 - hmmm didn't work, @import statement broken by SUMO, need to ask in #sumodev, ask why mozms2 works and our momocommon_nopoll doesn't work, commit 60898 added momocommon_nopoll.css to minify.conf.php.dist in /scripts/minify
  7. The "Initial List of articles" is missing Migration Assistant and the 2-3 FAQ
  8. Change all links to releases to be 3.0.1 instead of 3.0 or