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Remora 3.2

Written (largely) by Stephen Donner stephend@mozilla.com

Description of Release

The goal of AMO Version 3.2 is to radically simplify the add-ons experience for end users thru better navigation, recategorization and site design.

Tracking / Implementation Bug

Staging URLs

http://preview.addons.mozilla.org (public-facing stage)

Design Mocks


Test Approach (now with testing-progress indication!)

  1. Any DB-poking I can help out with, Mike / Wil?
    1. DB's are to the point where they are horizontally scalable, so no.
  2. How are we going to load / stress test?
    1. We can use Grinder to test stage, but unless we're doing ridiculously complex stuff in the view, load should not change much at all. Main concerns would again be search, main page and browse pages. If we add file links to search results that could hurt the db, so we should test this in a way that reflects prod.
  3. Registration
  4. Login/logout
    1. Clear picture of how the logged-in/default experiences differ
  5. Test migration of categories
    1. Likewise, we should test that bookmarks to the current site map to the new one
  6. Test 1.5/2.0.0.x/3.0 extensions
  7. Top 20 (or so?) extensions
  8. Top 20 (or so?) themes
  9. JavaScript-disabled case
    1. Going well; mostly covered, I think, by bugs
  10. See all possible links to all possible files
    1. Flat view - hyperlink to the file
    2. Do we message the user?
  11. Other browsers; do we message them, too? (Let's define "graceful degradation," if that's what we're going to use)
  12. Accessibility - employ Tim Keenan's help, if he has cycles
  13. XHTML compliance?
    1. We validate to whatever the document DTD declares
  14. Run link checker
  15. Search
    1. Empty-string searches
    2. Null searches
    3. 255-character-limit searches
    4. Escape
    5. Unescape
    6. Results navigation
      1. Previous / Next arrows
      2. Numerals
      3. Ellipses (in the middle)
  16. Image preview / lightbox
    1. Bounds-limit (no previous when you're on the first, no next when on last...)
    1. "Flat" view - category only
    2. Within category
  18. Ratings
    1. While logged-in, can you change at will?
  19. Most Popular
  20. Reviews
  21. Advanced Details
  22. Limits of Add-on descriptions; truncate at some paragraph-length boundary? (a la Rock your Firefox)
    1. And please, please, let's kill (read: escape) attempted HTML, or just make it useful (see the paragraph tags in https://remora.stage.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/addon/7)
      1. So, let's fix https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=343573 :-P
      2. Deferred to the 3.3 release; not scoped here
  23. Recommendations
    1. Its presence begs the question: how do we determine what a "similar add-on" is; key by category?
  24. Sorting (Name, Date, Popularity, Ranking)
    1. Make sure to test both:
      1. "Flat" sort
      2. Sort-within-search-results
  25. Build your own; goes to DevMO, or what?
  26. "Other Languages" select pulldown; general locale testing?
  27. Sandbox
    1. "Show Experimental Add-ons" linked to this
  28. Tooltips / ALT | TITLE text
  29. Footer - different privacy policy, or global Mozilla-com one?

Browser Testing Matrix

Windows XP SP2 Windows Vista Mac Linux
Firefox - FULL SUPPORT P1 P1 P1 P1
Internet Explorer 7 - Non-degraded experience P1 P1 N/A N/A
Internet Explorer 6 - Non-degraded experience P1 N/A N/A N/A
Opera 9.25 - Non-degraded experience P2 P2 P2 P2
Safari 2.0.4 / 3.1 - Non-degraded experience P1 P1 P1 N/A
Flock 1.1 P2 P2 P2 P2

Test Cases

(Will be) Located in the AMO (addons.mozilla.org) component in Litmus

Test Results

Windows XP SP2 Windows Vista Mac Linux
Firefox . . . .
Internet Explorer 7 . . N/A N/A
Internet Explorer 6 . N/A N/A N/A
Opera 9.25 . . . .
Safari 2.0.4 / 3.1 . . . N/A
Flock 1.1 . . . .

Detailed Test Results

Windows XP SP 2 - .

Vista - .

Mac - .

Linux - .