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Sep 24

  • AMO 4.0.2 execution
  • Developer Survey results to be shared this week
  • We now have an Extended Validation (EV) cert on AMO, requires Firefox 3.0.2 in order to see it - will boost end user confidence in the site. Screenshot
  • Review draft Q4 AMO Goals
    • For Users:
      • Basic AMO support for Fennec per plan
      • Complete Phase 2 of Bandwagon (Collections & Iteration 1 of Add-on)
      • Add-on Licensing clarity
      • Support for non-AMO hosted add-ons (breadth)
      • Revise AMO search: new algo, new engine, new landing page
      • PFS Rearchitecture/Revamp
    • For Devs:
      • Reduce approval queue sizes/review process
      • Code Repo (mxr) for open source add-ons
      • Single DMZ Mac for remote add-on testing by editors
    • With Stats:
      • Rollout production add-ons dashboard for aggregate stats (with IT)?
      • AMO Public Stats Dashboard (editor queue length, overall stats)

Sep 18th (dev)

Sep 17th

  • AMO 4.0.1 Dev & Testing Status
    • I have Selenium tests for the Dev CP, but I need to convert them to use a new account (don't want to give up my password), with its associated dummy test add-on (it's currently using [1]).--stephend
    • I implemented an object-based memcaching framework. I'm currently writing a little documentation on it, so that it's easy to use for you.--wenzel
    • ACTION: Morgamic, please create some milestones: 4.0.3 and rename the "3.x (triaged)" to "4.x (triaged)".
  • CDNetworks update
  • AMO 4.0.2 Planning
    • Laura won't be able to focus on discussions for 4.0.2 (pushing feature out)
    • Still need API/bandwagon features for 4.0.2 [ACTION: Fligtar to file]
    • Fennec stuff in 4.0.2?
  • Bandwagon Update

Sep 10th

  • Any question/issues with 4.0.1? (Obj invalidation needs some attention in order to nail a Monday code freeze)
  • Candidate 4.0.2 bugs/enhancements ready
    • Should we start on discussions now? Yes, laura to take
  • AMO and Fennec - See notes
  • Dev Tools (Fligtar)
    • Upload & Submission modules are done and ready for testing
    • Remaining - reskinning the developer index page and details page
    • Will push Dev tools with 4.0.1 - in beta/parallel mode
    • Need to add L10N gettext() capability, will come 1 week after 4.0.1
    • ACTION: testing strategy for dev tools (Fligtar, Stephen, Morgamic)
  • Bandwagon/Collections Update (Fligtar)
    • We've merged the projects, Alex will work on the webdev stuff
    • ACTION: Fligtar to file API bugs needed to support bandwagon/collections
    • Boriss working on mocks for weblists and feeds and then more advanced add-on capabilities
  • Community Topics
    • Editor revitalization plan (Rey)
    • Dealing with the Backlog
    • Upcoming Add-on Get togethers
  • We have a student volunteer for the College Outreach Program
    • Smita Periyapatna from SJSU - Yeah!
  • Shifting IRC AMO Discussions to #amo
  • Morgamic will be setting up a weekly? amo-dev meeting to discuss technical AMO topics/bugs

Sep 3rd

  • 4.0.1 - Status (on schedule)
  • Extension lists & partner wizard on AMO (and how it ties into bandwagon leadwork)
  • Defining "optimize"

Aug 27th

  • Next Release (4.0.1) - See Morgamic's 3-week cycle template
    • Dev Start: Tue, Sep 2
    • Code Freeze: Mon, Sep 15
    • QA-Regression-Bug Fix thru to Thu, Sep 18
    • Push: Thu, Sep 18th evening
    • Planning for next release, Fri, Sep 19
    • Next Cycle: Mon, Sep 22
  • Reviewed the Q3 AMO Roadmap to see where we are - we are about ~70% of our intended goals
  • Next-next Release (3.5.1/4.0.2) Candidate features
    • Find-as-you-type
    • FAQ
    • Sexy search engines landing page
    • Editor leaderboard
  • What are we going to do with the "Addons" component in Bugzilla? --wenzel
    • Mark as INVALID and tell them to contact author
    • Have improved integration of Bugzilla and AMO and show in dev panel
    • Talk to Tomcat

image of the week

Aug 20th

  • AMO 3.4.7 release status - Wil will tag and file the push bug
  • Release cycle - Morgamic is proposing a 3-week cycle to prevent last minute crunches and focusing on the push rather than starting the next dev cycle. Proposal to follow.
  • TRUSTe proposal in hand
  • Next maintenance release will be 3.5.1 - schedule TBD until we figure out the 4.0.1 stuff.
  • 4.0.1 only has 1 perf-related bug. Basil to send email to IT to gather perf ideas and add to release - Morgamic/Wil to figure out who gets assigned what. Determine 3.5.1 effort and if it should be in parallel.
  • Firefox Major Update readiness - will run full throttle unless there are issues. IT will be testing a new CDN network to aid
  • AMO 3.5
    • Preview manager was finished a couple weeks ago and Stephen has been QA'ing it and catching a few bugs that have now been fixed. The status changer is mostly finished, and that will be followed by the upload/submission tool which already has the backend done. Target date is 8/29.
  • Bandwagon
    • We have mockups to go off of now thanks to Boriss, so Brian King and team will start working on the first milestone which is purely extension development. Milestone 2 will begin to require webdev assistance from both website and API standpoints. Again, if you're interested in this project, just let Fligtar know and he'll add you to the Grouphub where the updated detailed schedule and requirements will be posted.

Image of the week

Aug 13th

  • Review release status
    • What's the schedule for 3.5? Answer: Awaiting Fligtar's return tomorrow, same status as last week - ETA for completion of Dev Tools is next Fri 8/22, then we need time for QA + L10N work and a push during a Sept maintenance window.
  • Discussed Conduit. Considering a controlled, limited return of a few Conduit toolbars to AMO.
  • Discussed TRUSTe. Discussing with TRUSTe about a tiered certification program for add-ons and add-on authors
  • Thank you and Farewell to Cesar! (XPI Diff launched, yeah! MyLists needs to find an SVN home)
  • Discuss discussions revamp - timeline for this? (Not 3.4.7 since we're still planning).
  • Can we do a broadcast email to nom queue folks? Yes, Cesar to help out with the query.

Aug 6th

  • Three parallel releases - 3.4.7 (features/bug fixes), 4.0.1 (performance) and 3.5 (dev tools)
  • AMO 3.4.7
    • Enable Vanilla discussions? ACTION: Laura will build wiki page and we'll dump Vanilla for a custom system.
    • Code Freeze - Mon, 8/18 (11:59pm), push: Thu, 8/21
  • AMO 4.0.1
    • {VERY Tentative: Code Freeze - Mon, 8/25 (11:59pm), push: Thu, 8/28}
  • AMO 3.5 Status
    • Status Manager in progress, Upload Manager remains to be done. ETA is Fri, 8/22 for code complete, need time for QA, L10N. Public push date in Sep to give time for L10N. (Justin has vacation time)
  • Push for this Thu, 8/7? (XPI Differ, other?)
  • Starting work on "Bandwagon" (Add-on Sharing)

July 30th

  • No meeting due to Firefox Summit

July 23rd

  • AMO 3.4.6 - how are we doing?
    • Enable Vanilla Discussions?
    • Replace Vanilla by a simple forum we make ourselves? --wenzel
  • Discuss AMO/Add-ons session @ Fx Summit
  • Next week's meeting?

July 16th

  • AMO 3.4.6 status
  • Justin to walk thru the "Add-on Sharing Proposal"
  • No love from Urchin - still missing data from launch (escalated), last few days are at half of total. :-(
    • Sounds like bug 444948 -- the SJ AMO logs were moved to a different directory and they didn't update Urchin. -flig
  • rdoherty, are you willing to take on bug 434540? (yes)
  • 1 or 2 stability releases? (rdoherty)

July 9th

  • Readiness for AMO 3.4.5 release on Thu, 7/10 evening
  • AMO 3.4.6 - Code Freeze - 7/21 (11:59pm), push: 7/24
  • Offer extended to AMO Community Manager
  • Metrics:
    • Pageviews spike from Fx3 is waning...seeing 6M PV's now
    • Ping & Download counts are trending downwards according to Moz dashboard - checking with IT for possible causes
  • Performance branch testing & merging - need to determine which release it can be merged with.
  • ACTION: Wil will tag and justin to file an IT ticket - bug 444378

July 2nd

  • Determine new AMO 3.4.5 dates - Candi-dates: Code Freeze: 7/7, Push: 7/10
    • stephend on vacation from 7/7-7/11 (bug verifications graciously covered by juanb and ss - thanks guys!)
    • Fx3 users are still suffering under bug 437174 (error 261), and will continue so until a Firefox update is released. Should we add a message to the install button, linking to a wiki page (or so) explaining that they need to switch on third-party cookies if they receive this error? This would only show when logged in, for experimental add-ons. --wenzel
  • Urchin is back up (sorta), we have about 8M daily page views (about 2x what we had prior to Fx 3 launch)
  • Draft Q3 goals for discussion:
    • Launch three AMO dot releases / execute to roadmap & triaged bug lists (with webdev)
    • Rollout at least one end user engagement project
    • Conduct Add-on Developer Survey
    • Rollout revised AMO Developer Tools (with webdev)
    • Move site metrics to Urchin 6 (with IT)
    • Prototype a Pentaho-based AMO dashboard (with IT)
  • Draft terms of service available for moz.com/moz.org, need to add AMO API and AMO user-specific conditional sections. Outside legal is working on it.
  • Rotated the reco list - blogged about it
  • ACTION: Basil to setup bug triage times to help with release/feature scheduling.