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Pr Feature Roadmap Stage Status Feature manager
P1 SPDY Platform Complete Complete Josh Aas
P1 Unprefixing WebSockets Platform Complete Complete Christopher Blizzard
P1 <progress> Platform Complete Complete Mounir Lamouri
P1 Ability to put tabs in the title bar on OS X Platform Design ` `
P1 Ability to take a picture from a web page (<input type="picture">) - "Phase 1" Platform Design In progress Maire Reavy (was Chris Blizzard)
P1 Shortened HTTP Referer header Privacy Development ` Sid Stamm
P1 Anti-Aliasing for WebGL Platform Development In progress JPR
P1 Cookie tagging Privacy Development In progress `
P1 Support Large Files in IndexedDB Platform Development In progress Jonas Sicking / Johnny Stenback
P1 Infrastructure for Testing Networking Platform Development In progress Bob Moss
P1 Sharing textures cross-process for Electrolysis Platform Development In progress Chris Jones
P1 Thebes Wrapper for Azure Platform Draft ` JPR
P1 OOPP tuning and expansion to better support existing and additional plugins Plugin Interactions Draft ` `
P1 Limit CSS3 resolution and window.screen info to render window size Privacy Draft ` `
P1 Opt-back-in-from-DNT capability Privacy Draft ` `
P1 Block content-window script from accessing Components.* Privacy Draft ` `
P1 Bundled/native plugin support, including upgrade Plugin Interactions Draft ` `
P1 Baseline JIT Platform Feature Inbox In progress David Anderson
P1 Type Inference for the JavaScript engine Platform Landed Complete David Mandelin
P1 Azure Direct2D backend for canvas Gecko Landed Complete Bas Schouten
P1 Telemetry Platform Landed ` Taras Glek
P1 OCSP Stapling Security Landed In progress David Keeler
P1 Firefox Cold Start-up Improvements Platform Landed ` `
P1 Full Screen APIs Platform Landed Complete Martin Best
P1 Show PDF inline User Experience Landed ` Alex Limi
P1 Websockets Platform Landed Complete Pat McManus
P1 DOM Bindings: Node List and Array Bindings Platform Landed Complete Johnny Stenback
P1 Cairo Backend for Azure Platform Landed Complete JPR
P1 Better rendering of fonts for Windows Platform Landed Complete `
P1 JavaScript Debugger API Version 2 Platform Landed Complete David Mandelin
P1 Per-Site Third-Party Cookie Setting Privacy Landed Complete Monica Chew
P1 Modern JIT Compiler for JavaScript (IonMonkey) Platform Landed In progress David Anderson
P1 Generational GC for the JavaScript Engine Platform On hold ` David Mandelin
P1 Generic Thumbnail Service Platform Shipped Complete `
P2 Support for NavigationTiming interfaces Platform Complete Complete Chris Blizzard
P2 Make DNT signal accessible from the navigator global object Privacy Complete ` `
P2 JavaScript (ECMAScript) Modules Platform Definition ` Dave Mandelin
P2 Test Suite Fixes for WebGL Platform Development In progress JPR
P2 Plugins are destroyed when setting display to none Platform Development In progress Johnny Stenback
P2 Profiling Support for the JavaScript Engine Platform Development In progress David Mandelin
P2 Improved Mac installer User Experience Development ` Alex Limi
P2 HTTP pipelining Platform Development In progress Chris Blizzard
P2 Networking Support for IPv6 Platform Development In progress `
P2 Key cookies on setting domain * toplevel load domain Privacy Development In progress `
P2 Real time video support Platform Draft ` `
P2 JavaScript support for features Platform Draft ` David Mandelin / Dave Herman
P2 Create unified API for sites to request additional potentially privacy-sensitive features Privacy Draft ` `
P2 Dragging out of a page Platform Draft ` `
P2 Variable-bitrate HTML5 video over HTTP Platform Draft ` `
P2 Skia Backend for Azure Platform Draft ` JPR
P2 JavaScript Engine Security and Platform Investments Platform Draft ` David Mandelin
P2 Support for adaptive bandwidth for HTML5 video Platform Draft ` Josh Aas
P2 Multi-track video support Platform Draft ` `
P2 Provide mechanisms to clear cert store and STS Privacy Draft ` `
P2 File upload for a directory, maintining internal directory structure Platform Draft ` Johnny Stenback
P2 Deploy an API for sites to trigger second-factor authentication Privacy Draft ` `
P2 Reduce performance impact of XBL Platform Draft ` `
P2 Support for FileWriter API Platform Draft ` Johnny Stenback
P2 Multi-track audio support Platform Draft ` `
P2 JavaScript Runtime Optimizations Platform Draft ` David Mandelin
P2 Create API so sites can request third-party cookies Privacy Draft ` `
P2 Accessibility Improvements for Mac Platform Landed ` JPR
P2 NPAPI AsyncDrawing specification and implementation Platform Landed Complete Josh Aas
P2 CSS3 3D Transforms ` Landed Complete Martin Best
P2 Support for Mouse Capture / Mouse Lock Platform Landed ` Johnny Stenback
P2 Shrink the Size of Objects in the JavaScript Engine Platform Landed Complete David Mandelin
P2 TLS Telemetry Security Landed Complete David Chan
P2 Support for TLS False Start Platform On hold ` Brian Smith
P2 PGO for JavaScript library Platform On hold ` David Mandelin
P2 WebRTC (formerly Video (and Audio) Conferencing) Gecko Planning In progress Maire Reavy
P2 Geolocation: Disable automated discovery Privacy Shelved ` `
P2 Background finalization for JavaScript strings and objects Platform Shipped Complete David Mandelin
P3 XSS Filter Security Definition In progress Sid Stamm
P3 Low-rights Firefox (whole process sandbox) Security Definition In progress `
P3 Enable OpenGL layers on X11 Platform Development ` `
P3 Support the Graphite font shaping technology ` Development In progress `
P3 Expose local font loading control to XPCOM/observers Privacy Draft ` `
P3 Make local disk privacy optional in Private Browsing Mode Privacy Draft ` `
P3 Browser support for localization Platform Draft ` `
P3 <input type='video'> Platform Draft ` Chris Blizzard
P3 Delay loading print stylesheets until they are required Platform Draft ` `
P3 enable memory-only permissions manager and site-specific prefs Privacy Draft ` `
P3 Delay loading CSS until it's required Platform Draft ` `
P3 Secure Storage Platform On hold ` `
P3 Create API for add-ons and components that provides check-point between TLS/SSL handshake and HTTP request Security On hold In progress Peter Eckersley
P3 <input type='number'> Platform On hold In progress Mounir Lamouri
P3 <meter> Platform On hold In progress Mounir Lamouri
P3 WebP support Platform On hold ` `
P3 mozCipherAddressbookAPI Privacy Planning ` Dietrich Ayala
` Firebug Stability and Performance Developer Tools Shelved In progress Kevin Dangoor