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Consolidate buildbot packages.

unittest todos

  • add js tests
  • convert RLk and Lk to buildbot
  • reftest profile creation, 393410
  • reboot, restart on-demand and automatically, 393411
  • clobber in unittest directory, 393413
  • stacktrace support, 393415
  • update buildbot code automatically, 393290
  • clobber + debug options on waterfall force page, 393417
  • abort build, reboot slaves (from waterfall) 393418
  • create tracking bug and add these to it DONE
  • create ssh key for qa machine cvs access (done, bug filed with IT by bhearsum)
  • update machines with ssh key and modify checkout code to use it

talos todos

  • ManifestDirectoryStreamer needs parameters for non-windows platforms 393048 393291
  • Startup automation 393419
    • Depending on task, may be undesireable to automatically startup particular masters and/or slaves
  • checked in with Talos code 393266
  • Buildbot master should probably be moved to a VM for easier backup and restoration/migration - qm-rhel02? 393421
  • buildbot should clean up after faulty runs better 393420
    • better dependent build steps
  • create tracking bug and add these to it DONE

Unit Testing Framework

As documented in bug# 343673


Automated Testing Frameworks

l10n Verification Tool


Bookmark Tester