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The sprints are a series of two-week projects designed to:

  • use the site as a showcase for the latest & greatest open web technologies
  • reflect the full scope of the work going on in the Mozilla universe
  • create content that gives users reasons to keep visiting even after they've downloaded Firefox
  • continue optimizing the site to drive Firefox downloads and support other Mozilla goals


Each sprint is intentionally kept on a tight schedule so we stay focused on the main goal (resisting scope creep is key). The sprints will start on a Tuesday and end on a Tuesday two weeks later.

The general day-to-day breakdown is as follows:

  • Day 1: scoping, wireframes, planning
  • Day 2: better mockups
  • Days 3-7: development
  • Days 8-10: QA, fixes
  • End of Day 10: launch

Q3 09 Sprints

1. Mid August: Download Stats

2. Late August: Plug-In Problem

3. Mid September: Buzz Page

  • give casual visitors a better idea of what's going on in the Mozilla universe by making syndicated content more prominent. Will create a Buzz Page that displays activity in an interesting and engaging way (like a Wordle?).

4. Late September: News Ticker

  • building on the Buzz Page, create a small JS-based promo on the homepage to show a constant feed of what's going on around Mozilla...clicking on it would then link to the larger Lizard Feeder.

Q4 09 Sprints

1. Mid October: Community Page

  • create more comprehensive directory of Mozilla-related sites...possibly tie in to the feeder/buzz page.

2. Late October: Press Center

  • update and improve the press center pages

Ideas for Future Sprints

(please add more as you think of them, and be sure to add your name when you do)

  • chofmann: lets do a sprint that gets us some content to help address the plugin updating problem. there is an immediate need for this right now. 98% or so of firefox users are exposed to a current zero day exploit running in the wild. adobe released a fix last week, but as usual uptake is slow.
  • We <3 the Web - Twitter visualization showing off community activity.
  • faaborg: improve the news ticker to be all information visualization-y kind of like the digg labs swarm and stack visualizations, so that people could watch Firefox development, and have a very visceral sense of what open source is.
  • use technologies like canvas, <video>, etc to add non-Flash motion to the site...what if we could animate the homempage illustrations so the hot air balloons floated up & down, for example?
  • periodically "take over" homepage with project-specific content...something for Mozilla Service Week, for example
  • more user-specific content along the lines of what we're currently doing with the 4 different main Firefox pages
  • update site font to utilize @font-face
  • geolocation
  • integrating add-ons more closely with Firefox
  • recurring content (similar to Mozilla JP's monthly Foxkeh content)
  • have a regular day when we serve up some twist in our regular content
  • integrate community more
  • feature other sites that are using open technologies well - Dailymotion (video), Google Maps (geolocation), etc
  • a way for people to report when they see Firefox in the wild - on a TV show, or at an internet cafe in a remote location, or someone wearing a t-shirt in an unexpected place, etc
  • pulling in content from various microsites - AMO, QMO, SFx, SUMO, etc - and displaying on the homepage
  • improving search...fix results, and create pages to match popular search terms (especially when current searches aren't producing accurate content)
  • polls...getting people more involved in the site
  • more user agent sniffing to serve up alternate versions of the homepage
  • improving page load times. faster pages == more downloads
  • page for nightly builds (bug 413572)

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