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This sprint took place in 2009

Also see QA Test Plan

Plug-In Problem



What It Is:


  • Four week project to finish phase 1 of the Plug-In project.
    • In this phase, we want to create a page, accessible through specially designed buttons, "What's New Page" and Snippets, that allow a Firefox user to see which of their installed plug-ins are up-to-date.
    • This phase is dependent on a database that would need to be kept current (chofmann?). This database will also be used for the Plug-In updater that will become part of Firefox 3.6.


  • August 18th-25th
    • TRO works on first front end Mock-Up
  • August 24th-September 23rd
    • Database development
  • September 1st-7th
    • Page implementation
  • September 23rd-Oct 2nd
    • QA and bug fixes
  • October 2nd-13th
    • Push page live
  • October 15th
    • Start L10n

Due Dates:

  • August 24th
    • Copy Finished
  • August 25th
    • First Mock up complete
  • August 31st
    • Final Page design
  • September 7th
    • Page implementation done
  • September 23rd
    • Database developed
  • October 13th
    • QA finishes testing
  • October 15th
    • Page Live
  • October 31st?
    • Localization Complete

Team: (please add more names as needed)

  • Austin King
  • Les Orchard
  • silverorange
  • Mike Morgan
  • John Slater
  • TRO
  • Laura Mesa
  • Alix Franquet
  • Pascal Chevrel
  • Stephen Donner (QA)
  • Cheng Wang (consultant)

Bugs: (Please document all bugs filed here.)


Are there different plug-in versions per locale? In other words, is there a different version of the most up-to-date version of Flash for French speakers?