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Meeting Details

  • Meeting time: Thursday, November 18 at 10 AM pacific
  • Dial-in information: 1-800-707-2533, pin: 369, conf: 7600
  • Meeting room in MV: Warp Core
  • Back channel:

Proposals for Discussion

If you are presenting a proposal, please create a page and add it to the Proposals list and link to it from here.

  • Abandoned sites (Steve, Ryan and David)
  • Common footer (Julie, Liz, FuzzyFox and David)
    • NB: Mozilla Universe Widget not going mobile... just yet.
  • Web fonts (Ned, John and David)
  • Brainstorming for 2011: Performance guides, user generated content guides, analytics guides???
  • Skip December meeting -- meet in 8 weeks on Jan 13?
  • Other topics?

Meeting Notes