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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm Pacific time (20:00 UTC until November 2, 2008)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 650 903 0800 x91 Conf# 8600 (US/International)
  • +1 416 848 3114 x91 Conf# 8600 (Canada)
  • +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8600 (US Toll Free)
  • join irc.mozilla.org #staffmeeting for backchannel

note: all participants are muted automatically; if you want to talk, press *1 to un-mute yourself

Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

David Tenser nominates Cheng Wang (Cww) and Matthew Middleton (zzxc) for amazing contributions in the planning and execution of the Support Firefox Day. "These two community members really kick ass!" Let's give a big round of applause for Cheng and Matthew!!

Clint Talbert nominates Massimiliano Mirra (bard) and Adam Christian for their continuing contributions to the Gristmill project. These community javascript hackers are helping us out with the automation test harness framework.

Development Updates

Fx / TB

We're targeting this Friday, June 6, as a code freeze date. However, given the lack of patches for this release, is currently at risk.

If you are a developer who owns a bug that's currently blocking, please look at it today and let us know if you think you'll be able to fix it by Friday.

List of bugs blocking the release which need patches

Current schedule:

  • Code freeze: June 6
  • Builds start: June 9
  • QA starts: June 10
  • Release to beta channel: June 17
  • Final Release: June 24

TB 3

  • Shredder Alpha 2 underway (code freeze July 8)
  • davida in Romania, speaking at eLiberatica conference
  • Mac OS X Address Book interface now enabled by default. Please give it a try.
    • Read-only access.

Gecko 1.9.1

  • mozilla-central opening this afternoon
  • controlled checkins for next few days, talk to sheriff before checking in
  • #hg for mercurial help
  • Intro: Eric Butler, Intern from CMU.

Firefox 3

  • RC2 still on track to ship Wed
  • Clare Bayely and Paul O'Shannessy started last week (Fx interns)


  • Held UI work week in Toronto last week
    • agreements on direction on UI
    • spec work in progress
  • Owners assigned to all P1/P2 requirements


  • Scaling for FF3
    • SUMO, services, downloads
  • bugzilla patches pushed
  • working with evangelism on dekiwiki stuff
  • rhel 5 and kernel upgrades continuing...

Release Engineering

  • NetApp fun continues:
    • Tree burning on multiple VMs last week, see bug 435134 and bug 435052 for details.
    • now that 3.0rc2 is done, IT now doing diagnostics. May see burning today while testing.
  • Opening mozilla-central *gradually*.
    • metered checkins, each needs with sheriff approval, until we clear backlog
    • extra hg-help available from sheriff for first few days
    • making sure it all scales ok, before we throw open the floodgates


Welcome interns:

  • Heather Arthur - Automated test development
  • Hasham Ali - Release Testing
  • Paul Craciunoiu - QMO community tester site development

Firefox [ss, abillings]

  • Mostly in triage and coordinating landing of patches

Firefox 3 [tchung-lead]

  • Testing RC2. We have to do a Mac Respin. The Windows and Linux testing kept on track and those BFTs are 100% done and PASS! Mac testing is ~85% done.
  • We had another high activity RC2 test day on Fri, May 30th. Over 35 people joined us. Coce was again the top community tester! There was a lot more activity and interaction than that the results show.
  • Found more leak bugs [tomcat]

Web Dev testing [stephend]

  • Download Day testing - tested the sign-up page in 10 languages, 50 individual pages. Released on Wednesday. Also heavy testing of the "day of" pages. Great teamwork by Ryan, Mary, Stephen, and others! Next up is a couple more locales along with "day of" and "day after" testing.
  • Testing Remora 3.4.3
  • mozilla.com - tested /whatsnew/, /firstrun/, and /central/ pages for tier 1 / tier 2 locales


  • Latest Beta Tester survey was released. This was sent to the betatesters mail list, but anyone is encouraged to give us feedback. Here are some cool early results.
  • A updated nightly start page was published. This is meant to clear away clutter and provide a better path for people to get involved with testing.
  • Accessibility:
    • Announced the availability of the Litmus test run for Accessibility on newsgroups and my blog. Number of run testcases shows that some people besides me have already submitted results.Announced the availability of the Litmus test run for Accessibility on newsgroups and my blog. Number of run testcases shows that some people besides me have already submitted results.
    • Contacted the FoxMarks extension developers with some suggestions to improve their XUL.


  • Test suite porting to FFX testing infrastructure. Porting dojo toolkit tests to Mochitest so all the Dojo tests to be run automatically [mw22]. Heather is taking on Prototype suite and Clint is halfway through Scriptaculous integration.
  • Checked in fix to bug 432033 – Accessibility fixes in mail/components/preferences XUL files [marcoz]
  • Code Coverage project - Looked at bullseye coverage tool and now looking at gcov [ctalbert]
  • Gristmill XUL test automation tool - This already came in handy to automate some time intensive anti-phishing tests [ctalbert, juan]
  • Wrote the abstracts for the OSCON BOF session [ctalbert]
  • Sisyphus (JS automated test framework) - Modified it to support the 1.9.1 branch and using mercurial repositories for mozilla-central and actionmonkey. Worked on modifying the known failure format to reduce the size of the known failures file and to make it easier for others to maintain it. Needs to check in a number of changes. [bc]




- May 26 - New York Times Feature, "Browsers Are a Battleground Once Again" http://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/26/technology/26firefox.html?_r=2&oref=slogin&oref=login

- Download Day in the Media

- Awards:


  • Download Fest at Mozilla HQ: Planning in process -- date and details tbd!


  • en-US version is ready
  • localization coming along well...final push to complete going on now
  • email siteredesign at mozilla.com to participate in the ongoing beta test

Search Engine Marketing

  • We recently concluded a set of branding experiments via our search engine advertising. For example, do new users better identify with getfirefox.com or with mozilla.com/firefox? David walked through our findings at giantspatula.

Download Day

  • Pledge site is live.
  • Spread the word!


  • David Tenser presented on SUMO in Tokyo to Mozillagumi, at the request of Mozilla Japan as part of their 10th anniversary celebration. Photos here


  • May 2008 market share update from Net Applications. Firefox showed strong growth last month... details at blog of metrics.


  • Toronto DevDay planning is underway
    • Bringing Mozilla technology to those who have never used it
    • Includes a Test Day too
  • Working with IT and webdev on MDC dekiwiki migration

Mozilla Labs

  • Focus right now on pushing out a major update to Weave. (See bug 433903 for open issues.)
  • Maria Emerson joined us last week as a summer intern in Labs focused on User Experience.

Webdev, Add-ons, AMO

  • Launched Download Day
  • Launched Mozilla Party
  • Worked on AMO 3.4.3 -- code freeze is tonight
  • Brian Krausz, Jacob Potter and Dan Schafer joined us last week - welcome!
  • Breakpad server (Socorro)
    • Production pushes of pending changes to processor (infinite loop handling, logging of report errors) will be pushed
    • Final review of aggregate reports patch, working to push this ASAP
    • Database pruning and optimization this week to improve performance for common topcrasher queries -- will archive data older than 60 days
  • SUMO memcache patch released, performance benefits were amazing (bug 395271)
  • Webdev on-site is this week, see the schedule and contact morgamic if you'd like to participate or have an idea for an all-webdev session

Foundation Updates

  • Grants and related activities
    • Eitan Isaacson completed his Mozilla Foundation-funded work to improve the Orca open source screen reader for Linux. Thanks go to Eitan for all his work on this!
    • The Mozilla Foundation is funding Ben Millard for an accessibility-related project to study how authors use HTML in practice, compare this with the semantics and accessibility-related features in HTML5, identify any gaps, and help develop realistic ways to fill them.
    • The Mozilla Foundation is funding Wellington Fernando de Macedo to help implement in the Mozilla code base server-sent DOM events functionality as specified in HTML5 (building on the work in bug 338583). This is a project originally proposed for the Google Summer of Code; we thought it was a project worth supporting but didn’t have enough SoC slots to include it as part of that program.
  • CAs and related issues
    • Frank posted a draft checklist for information needed for evaluating CA requests for inclusion of root certificates in Mozilla.
    • Kathleen Wilson gathered information for CA requests from TC TrustCenter (bug 392024), Comodo (bug 421946), and Wells Fargo (bug 428390).
    • Kathleen and Frank updated the pending and included lists respectively.
  • Upcoming activities
    • The Mozilla Foundation will be a sponsor of the Personal Democracy Forum conference (June 23-24 in New York). Brian Behlendorf will be speaking, and Frank is also planning to attend if possible.

For more information please see the individual status reports from David, Frank, Gerv, and Zak.


  • So I've been following m.d.planning, but I'm still confused. Can we outline the code checkin state right now w.r.t. the following questions:
    • What should be checked into CVS (for 1.9.0 trunk)? (i.e. QA Dev has tests that need landing)
    • What should be checked into Hg? Should everything going into CVS now be cross-committed to Hg too?
    • When are the repo's going to re-open? And what bugs should people be following for that status?

Other Business