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Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

  • John O'Duinn writes in nominating Nick Thomas, All Billings, and Mike Morgan for their work to allow (manual check) major update from Firefox 3.0 to 3.5 to just work.
  • Jono wrote in (I'm late on this one, sorry - Asa)

I wanted to let you know about two more community members who have been doing awesome work on Ubiquity:

Heather Kofke-Egger, who isn't a programmer but has been amazingly proactive and helpful in writing documentation, managing bugs, doing tech support, and building the community.

And Christian Sonne, who pulled an all-nighter over the weekend to single-handedly complete the Danish version of Ubiquity, so we can have three languages supported when we launch version 0.5.

  • Gary Kwong from Thunderbird wrote in:

"Kent James, AKA rkent has been writing many useful comments and patches in bugzilla recently, especially regarding spam and filter bugs, among other great contributions."

  • Rey Bango writes in

This weekend, the AMO editors really came through for us, participating in a reviwe queue burndown that has made a dramatic effect on the queue. We started with 232 pending add-on updates & 353 newly nominated add-ons at 12:47am 6/27/09. We're now at 125 pending updates & 146 nominated add-ons as of 4:06pm EST. Absolutely awesome. I'd like to nominate the following editors for FotT:

Shivanand Sharma, Akira Kurogane, Yair Halevi, Prasad Sunkari, Justin Samuel, Jose Bolanos, Jorge Villalobos, Nate Weiner, Ezadkiel Marbella, Denis Remondini, Andreas Wagner, Andrew Williamson, Gijs Kruitbosch, Oliver Saier, Sid Kalra, Scott McCammon

This is why Mozilla's community is the best. We have amazing individuals who give of their time for the sake of helping the community be a better place.

Development Updates

Branch work: Firefox 3.0.x / Thunderbird 2.0.0.x

  • Firefox 3.0.12
    • Code frozen as of Thursday last week
    • Targeting mid/late-July release
  • Firefox 3.0.13
    • Proposed schedule on the wiki
    • Feedback? Email ss!


  • We're still done with 1.9.1. Working on the next release. A few focus items:
    • Improving overall responsiveness. This not only helps Firefox but helps our mobile efforts.
    • Process Separation
    • Add more web capabilities. There's several things in video that we'd like to add (looping, playback rate, seekable and buffered time ranges, etc.).
    • Improving Cairo and continuing hardware acceleration, etc.
    • And, lots, lots, more.
  • Static Analysis and Rewriting

Firefox 3.5

Firefox Front End Work

  • WindowsCE builds
  • Snapiness and performance bugs


  • planning!

Team News

  • please welcome Felipe Gomes

TB 3

  • Important landings this past week
    • asuth landed part two of the great GloDa refactoring,
    • sid0 landed double-click in message list opens messages in new tabs
    • asuth landed tab restore across restarts
  • We're going to stop holding beta 3 for part 3 of the great Gloda refactoring (bug 474711) and ship 3.0b3 as soon as we reasonably can. Firmer details to emerge later today and early tomorrow.



Release Engineering

  • Major update available on FF3.5 release day: just do "Help->CheckForUpdates"!
    • Blogpost with details here
  • Hunting "intermittent unittest failure"
    • run same tests on same build 3 times in a row
    • once a week, 3am Mondays, results are on tinderbox
  • Downtime Tuesday evening (6-10pm PDT)
    • rollout of new talos TP4 pageset on mozilla-central.
    • reset of tryserver hg repo
    • setup of Places branch


Test Execution

  • Shipped RC3 to beta users
  • Fx3.0.11->Fx3.5rc3 Major Update throttling against betatest
  • Completed 100% of Firefox 3.5 feature testplan. results
  • Mozmill smoketest automation is ~75% completed. 1 blocking [bug 499782 testcase]

Web Dev Testing

  • Shipped SUMO 1.2, which includes the metrics dashboard
  • Working on creating BFTs for AMO. This will help us in effort/schedule estimation and also reduce the ramp up time for newbies.

Metrics, Accessibility, Localization, Community

  • Community:
    • Last friday, we had a fennec beta testday. Results here. Over 41 people in the testday channel. Major contributors outside mozQA: knotbeerdan, slowtin, tmyoung, lonelybob, kanth_, merike, mmm, atokubi1. 43 bugs filed (2 crashes and 4 major bugs).
    • Second Community Meetup of the Quarter Held on Wednesday! stephend gave a great presentation on Webdev testing
  • Accessibility - Week of Code cleanup. reviewed and tested fixes for bugs bug 461922 and bug 461923. These bugs all help to get rid of extraneous interfaces that were grounded in limitations in previous versions (<= 1.8) of the Gecko platform, and which are no longer necessary.

Test Development

  • Will release JS library for using Bugzilla RPC API this week (a reusable component that we'll need for QAC redesign)
  • Working toward Automatic Crash analysis
  • Ran TUnit tests on non-sse machines for release testing
  • Tested Fennec Beta releases
  • Making progress on Mochitest on WinMobile, still hammering on subprocess.py hacking to move forward
  • Jonathan completed the invalidation reftests required for bug 451332


  • No updates this week.


Firefox 3.5 Launch

  • Help promote Firefox 3.5! We created a summary of all the promotional activities you can help with tomorrow. Please pitch in!
    • Help us track online mentions and promotional efforts with our activity tracker.
  • Firefox 3.5 Launch Parties: So far we have 106 requests for swag packs from all over the world. Some of the locations include Macedonia, Lithuania, Taiwan and Peru.
  • Regional Social Network outreach. We need help updating regional social networks and Mozilla/Firefox groups. Please sign up here if you would like to take on one.


Mozilla Service Week


  • Renegade Craft Festival, July 18 - 19, 2009, San Francisco - Opportunity to garner awareness for Personas and to get new ones created. Also a great place to expose add-ons. Sign-ups to work at the festival are on the wiki.
  • Maker Faire Africa August 14 - 16, 2009, Accra, Ghana - Looking to sponsor the event and bring together the local L10n community. Check out the wiki for early details.



  • Please help our users during the Firefox 3.5 release!
  • ...or, please help the SUMO community help our users!
    • Anchor Live Chat shifts (talk to zzxc in #sumo)
    • Just be available in #sumo on irc.mozilla.org to answer questions SUMO contributors might have while they're troubleshooting a support issue
  • Result of A/B test of new SUMO start page
  • SUMO 1.2 released last week after a heroic struggle by webdev, IT, and SUMO teams
    • We now have an automated metrics dashboard! Expect to see a blog post about this shortly.


  • There are currently issues with market share data from Net Applications. We're working with them and hope that they have those issues resolve before this Wednesday (July 1st), which is when June’s market share numbers would typically be reported.
  • SUMO & Analytics:


  • No updates for everyone, but notes in the wiki about MDC.
  • Mozilla Developer Center
    • Continuing development of custom plugins for MDC to adjust certain behaviors on the site, and to add features. More details soon.
    • Keeping in touch with MindTouch on their plans for their next release, due mid-summer, to ensure that some of our requests are handled.
    • Working on content clean-up not specific to any given release.


Developer Tools

  • Preparing for new Bespin release
  • Releasing memory tool this week


  • Big thanks to everyone who saw us at FISL and especially to community members who helped out at the booths and presentations
  • Compatibility up to 83% for Fx 3.5
  • Thanks to heroic efforts from Rey and the add-ons team, the pending and nominated queues are down to a third of where they were at the beginning of the weekend.


  • 3.5 stuff
    • Dave Dash and Daniel Einspanjer are working on a visualization for 3.5 downloads
    • mozilla.com work for 3.5; helping with SVN situps, but big thank you to Silver Orange for their work here
    • Silver Orange also worked on a Facebook page as a part of the launch tomorrow - so thanks to Steven Garrity and Stephen DesRoches
    • Updated and tested AUS for 3.5
  • Crash stats - Bugzilla integration launched today
  • AMO 5.0.7 - Code freeze tomorrow
  • SUMO - shipped 1.2 last Thursday
    • Data warehouse/metrics dashboard shipped, watch for blog once metrics set up by admin.
    • Kampyle survey now operating in inproduct help bug 496967
    • Completed A/B tests on home page (blog)
  • Built and staged v1 of API for Developer Tools site
  • SFX
    • Upgrade the web campaign launches tomorrow
    • New campus reps page in progress - thanks to Jay Patel, Craig Cook and Alex Buchanan for their work on this!
  • Other goings-on
    • Mark Hahnenberg worked on a mash-up for office
    • org charts improvements -- working on adding geo and seating info to the MoCo phonebook


L10n team last week spent a good amount of time setting goals. Focus in Q3 will be on experimentation with l20n, refining our web documentation, working on Verbatim and Silme, and continuing progress on the dashboard.

Firefox 3.5

  • Shipping Firefox 3.5 in 75 languages
    • This includes 2 version for Japanese users (ja-JP-mac and ja), but does not include en-US


  • Lots of QA on websites done by Delphine in the Paris office, with Pascal's guidance
  • Mozilla Europe pages finishing up for Firefox 3.5 launch
  • All other in-product pages here: Mozilla web dashboard


  • Axel attended Open Translation Tools conference in Amsterdam
    • Public sessions on l20n and meetups with tool developers
    • The thought arose that we need to do a conference where tool developers meet with localizers to address what tools *should* do for localizers

Foundation Updates

  • Mark has been representing Mozilla at FISL in Brazil and has posted slides for his Mozilla Education talk.
  • Mark also published a wrap-up of the Open Video Conference.
  • We continue to prepare for the relaunch of www.mozilla.org:
    • Files on the staging server are being tweaked
    • Current site editors should be aware of the upcoming transition to Subversion
    • Archiving has reduced the number of files from roughly 24,000 to 14,000
    • Pages are being updated to tell more of the Mozilla story
  • The public discussion about improving Bugzilla is winding down and Gerv will be working on following up the issues raised on the newsgroup thread and wiki page.
  • We're continuing to work with new Mozilla Education partners and plan new projects:
    • Tomorrow (July 1) Universidad Rey Juan Carlos will be starting its Mozilla technologies course.
    • This October the University of Evry will be having a "Course on Mozilla Education and Technologies @ Evry" (CoMETe) at the University of Evry; for more information see the slide presentation.
    • A university in India is planning to add a Mozilla/open source course as a formal elective; more news on this later.


New Interns

We have 1 new intern joining us this week coming from Brazil. Please welcome Felipe Gomes into the Firefox team.

Show & Tell

This week we have the following interns presenting:

  • Reed Loden (IT)
  • Anthony Hughes (QA)
  • Aaron Train (QA)
  • Simon Krueger (Metrics)

Other Business