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Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

Fligtar wrote in, "I'd like to nominate James Ouyang for Friend of the Tree this week. James is a community member who helped us out for several hours on Saturday in our booth at the Renegade Craft Fair telling people about Firefox, Personas, and add-ons. "

stephend wrote in, "I'd like to nominate Tom Ellins (TMZ) for his awesome SUMO bug triage/verification over the past week, especially."

Development Updates


Product Roadmap

  • note: beltzner is working on a fuller blog post to discuss these topics, this is a rough outline
  • last week at the Development (Tuesday) and Product Delivery (Wednesday) meetings we talked about stabilization of the trunk (which has been open to review-only landings since December 2008)
    • finishing up current work (interruptible relow, content sink, focus, Cairo update, other bits and pieces)
    • avoiding things that could break other code areas
    • looking to branch / hit 3.6a1 milestone at the end of the month
  • proposed product roadmap:
    • August 1st: create mozilla-1.9.2 branch
      • release Fennec 1.0 end of summer
      • release RC of Windows CE builds at end of summer
      • release Firefox 3.6 mid-to-late fall, potentially as minor update
    • November 1st: create mozilla-1.9.3 branch
      • unsure at this time which products will be consumers
      • maybe a Firefox 3.7 for late spring 2010
    • stage "large landings" (ie: compositor, XBL2, etc) on mozilla-central between regular stabilization periods

Firefox Front End Work

  • now working on a variety of projects:
    • stabilizing focus rewrite work
    • stabilizing Windows CE builds for shipment with NVIDIA Tegra based devices
    • putting new tab-switching UI behind a preference, default off for now
    • improving Ts and browser responsiveness
    • making the awesomebar asynchronous for increased responsiveness
    • adding awesomebar logic to form fill (aka: "awesomecomplete")
    • improving scrolling model on Windows and other perceived performance issues
    • polishing multitouch and Aero support for Windows 7
    • making 404 error pages more useful

Team News

  • the team meets on Mondays and Fridays to discuss project work
  • can be found in #fx-team, please come join us!


No update. Please join the Platform Meeting on Tuesday for any specific platform development items.

Branch work: Firefox 3.0.x / Thunderbird 2.0.0.x

  • Firefox 3.5.2
    • working on blocker list and approvals
    • see dev-planning post for details on new branch management flags
  • Firefox 3.0.12
    • no blocking issues yet reported during beta period
    • intending to ship tomorrow
  • Firefox 3.0.13
    • code freeze is August 4 at 11:59pm
    • aiming for early September release

TB 3

  • On schedule to ship Thunderbird 3.0b3 tomorrow, July 21



Release Engineering


Test Execution

  • Shipped Fx3.0.12 to beta on 7/14
  • Shipped Fx3.5.1 to world on 7/16
  • Assisting build team to test builds against signing machines
  • Automating software update smoketests almost there. bug 504653

Web Dev Testing

Metrics, Accessibility, Localization, Community

  • Community:
  • Accessibility:
  • Metrics
    • Working with Simon on and talked to Blezner about short term metrics to put in place. We should have some new public metrics regarding bugs marked blocking within about a week.
    • Completed a first round of JSCoverage tool modifications and coverage collection. So we have a good set of code coverage for both C/C++ and JS. Worked with catlee and joduinn to make mochitest code coverage collection more reliable.

Test Development




  • Paul Krill from TechWorld reports on the contributions program for Add-ons http://bit.ly/WfNrF

MozService Week

  • Held our first partner (or "Friends") call last week. We're looking to build out our network of supporters for the program and will make an announcement shortly on new Friends.
  • Localization: Looking to stage DE, FR and ES shortly. Thanks to everyone for helping localize it!


  • Renegade Craft Festival, July 18 - 19, 2009, San Francisco - We had a great time at Renegade this past weekend.  Thanks so much to all of the volunteers that showed up and helped us out.  Check out some of our thoughts on the fair on the wiki.
  • MozCamp Mumbai: Thanks to community members Aamod Nerurkar and Sanjay Bhangar for pulling together a MozCamp with a week's notice. Talks included a pre-recorded standards talk with Arun Ranganathan and a marketing Mozilla & Firefox talk by Aamod. Aamod and Sanjay will post the recorded talks shortly.



  • The Firefox Manual has been updated for 3.5! Big thanks to the SUMO community for making this happen, and especially xtz and TMZ who signed up for chapter updates on the 3.5 update tracking page.


  • Browser market share – We spoke with Net Applications last week. They're planning to not publish any market share data for June. July data, expected to come out August 1st, will be based on a new methodology.



Developer Tools

  • Memory tool
    • Blog post on Memory Tool update posted
    • Met with members of platform team to discuss next steps
    • Busily working away on the next version
  • Bespin
    • Next major feature, collaboration, coming soon, maybe as soon as tomorrow
    • Stabilization work on user interface on-going, should be wrapped up this week
  • Tools directory
    • Minor release this week with updated database and user interface, as well as blog post discussion vision and roadmap of the tool


  • Launched 5.0.7 on 7/15 with Contributions and Tagging
    • Over 100 developers have requested contributions from $.99 to $10
      • Response from community and press has been positive
    • Tagging
      • Developers and users can both create tags- developers can delete any tag
      • Tags can be used to navigate add-ons or create searchable keywords
  • Next up is rich user profiles, public statistics dashboard, and numerous bug fixes.
  • Renegade Craft Fair big success
    • Lots of enthusiasm for Firefox, low awareness of add-ons and personas


  • AMO 5.0.7 launched last week!
  • Socorro - refreshing UI for OSCON - update today or tomorrow (Austin, Lars are at OSCON this week as well giving a talk on Socorro).
  • AUS - made some changes to AUS last week to accommodate channel exceptions for throttling.
  • Scores from Full-time vs. Interns:
    • Game 1: FT 21, Interns 8
    • Game 2: FT 21, Interns 16


Firefox 3.5

Firefox 3.5.1 shipped with Macedonian and Serbian.

Foundation Updates

  • The full Mozilla Foundation team met in Toronto last week to map out the rest of 2009 and start 2010 planning.
    • Blog and wiki postings coming soon with updated priorities and ideas for new initiatives.


Intern Show & Tell

No Show and Tell this week... We'll resume next week. Also, we'll start the interns' brownbags in a couple of weeks, during which the interns will be able to share their projects in greater details. Times/dates/topic will be posted on the regular brownbags page, and we'll have between 2 and 4 presentations per session.

Other Business