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Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

Mary writes in, "I wanted to add William D. or FuzzyFox for creating the easter egg hut platform most recently used for MozHunt Mumbai & the ecard platform that was used for Holi Day this past spring. He has also done radio spots for Firefox on his college radio station! He is always game to collaborate with fellow community members as well! http://www.spreadfirefox.com/spotlights/williamd"

Akash writes in, "I'd like to nominate Tanner Young for the excellent work he's provided on this past Friday's Testday on AMO 5.0.8 as well as his work done in the Mozilla QA Community over the past 3 months in general. More specifically, he found 7 out of the 23 bugs found on this recent testday and as been involved in triaging, reporting, and verifying 388 bugs since he's began helping out the community since the end of the April."

Jesse writes in, "I'd like to nominate tmyoung, kbrosnan, and SpeedEvil for helping resolve 100 crash bugs last Tuesday http://www.squarefree.com/2009/07/21/100-crash-bugs-resolved "

Blake writes in, "Lucas (L.B.Kruijswijk@inter.nl.net) has been doing an awesome job reducing testcases."

Melissa wanted to highlight " vineel reddy, moh haghighat, ken saunders, and kevin gerich -- all have recently helped out with mozilla pr efforts by speaking with reporters for stories with BusinessWeek and The New York Times! "

Development Updates


Firefox Front End Work

Firefox 3.6

  • code freeze scheduled for Wednesday late PDT
  • alpha release from mozilla-central scheduled for Friday PDT
    • interruptible reflow
    • content sink refactoring
    • compositor phase 1
    • performance and responsiveness fixes
    • support for Aero Peek, we hope!

Team News

  • new IRC channel organization:
    • #fx-team is where discussion of Firefox front end development takes place
    • #planning is where planning discussion for upcoming Firefox releases (3.6, 3.5.x, 3.0.x) and planning meeting back channel chatter takes place, replacing #shiretoko and #namaroka
      • you will be automatically redirected if you have autojoins to either of the previously existing channels


  • Currently landing and stabilizing features and patches in order to branch for 1.9.2.
  • A few highlights of what the team is working on:

Branch work: Firefox 3.0.x / Thunderbird 2.0.0.x

  • Firefox 3.0.12
    • shipped on Tuesday!
    • amount of crashes is much lower
  • Firefox 3.0.13
    • targeting early September release
    • code freeze set for August 4 at 11:59pm
    • please work on your blockers
  • Firefox 3.5.2
    • targeting release for first week of August
  • Firefox 3.5.3
    • targeting release for early September
    • in par with Firefox 3.0.13 release

TB 3



Release Engineering

  • New project branches:
    • Places bug 459269
    • Electrolysis bug 500755
    • Adding mobile builds/test/talos to TraceMonkey
    • all these adding extra load to small pool of mobile devices, please be patient
    • mozilla-192 will be in next couple weeks
  • Super fast work on FF3.5.1 last week
    • our first dot-release on new automation
  • FF3.0.12 had refreshed major update to FF3.5.1.
  • waiting for "go" for FF3.6alpha1


Introducing Vishal Kamdar - Web testing contractor

Test Execution

  • Shipped Fx3.0.12
  • Ran trial tests against signing server improvements on Fx3.0.12 and Fx3.5.1
  • Build out QA lab images for Vista, XP, ubuntu, and PPC
  • Increasing Execution coverage on mobile devices and tegra testing
  • Analysis of testcase coverage on manual BFTs versus automated components

Web Dev Testing

  • AMO: Created test cases for AMO, helped lead the AMO 5.0.8 testday, and verified bug fixes.
  • SUMO 1.2.1: Verified bugs fixes and wrote test cases.
  • Mozilla.com: Verified bugs fixes
  • Personas: Verified bug fixes and help ship GetPersonas.com 1.7
  • Lots of projects in the queue: Mozilla Serviceweek, Mozilla creative Collective (MCC), SUMO, AMO, Spread Firefox
  • Next up: Add testcases for AMO. Test MCC phase-2 features. Test SUMO 1.2.1,AMO 5.0.8 releases
  • Wrote Volunteer document, which seeks to engage and inform potential community members

Metrics, Accessibility, Localization, Community

  • Community:
  • Metrics: Presented the manual BFT code coverage versus automated code coverage data analysis in QA meeting. Will publish more publicly shortly! Preparing a spreadsheet that contains source file name, autocov%, manulacov%, GenBug fixes, Regression bug fixes, Sec bug fixes, auto functional cov, manual functional cov for each file. Should be ready Thursday.

Test Development

  • Clint and Joel gave a presentation at OSCON
  • Got Mochitests running on Windows Mobile by using a remote server to host the tests. Now working to see if that is really the best way to run Mochi* on winmo.
  • Continue to plug away at the HTML5 parser test suite; particularly the tokenizer and tree builder tests.
  • Heather and Aaron presented the QAC at Thursday's Design Lunch. We got a bunch of feedback, and are finishing up addressing that this week.
  • Finishing the Site Compare tool and beginning to get the Fennec Results Server off the ground


  • Come say hi at Blackhat.



Mozilla Service Week

  • Outreach continues for new friends of the program. We're hosting our second call on July 30th at 9 a.m. PDT for organizations interested in promoting MozService. Call details:
    • 650-903-0800, ext 92, id 248
  • Friends to-date:
  • ES, DE & FR scheduled for August 10th.
  • Organizing local sprints during the Mozilla Service Week. Please let Mary know if there is an organization you want to work with!


  • Maker Faire Africa August 14 - 16, 2009, Accra, Ghana - We are sponsoring this event and will have a presence at MFA. Our mission is to help bring together the local L10n community. Check out the wiki for early details.
  • Shaastra 2009 September 30 - October 3, 2009 at Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai - Will be sponsoring and our Campus Rep SathishKumar Kandasamy will be representing Mozilla at the festival.



  • Ran 24 hour Kampyle survey on the SUMO start page last week.


  • The 9th edition of Funnelcake ships tonight at midnight
    • Installer Feedback form will be included
  • Published some data around Fx3.5 adoption
    • Which region is #1?
  • Implemented the first-ever pop-up on one of Mozilla’s top web pages (SUMO homepage), allowing users to leave us feedback about their experience on the site
    • What was by far the #1 comment left by users?
  • Published Reporter (Help -> Report Broken Web Site) analysis for the first time
    • Thanks to Eric Hergenrader
    • More than 1,000 users leave us feedback every day
    • More analysis to follow


  • No updates this week.


Developer Tools

no updates this week.


  • AMO 5.0.8 code freeze this Wednesday, see bugzilla
  • Jetpack gallery implementation starts this week
  • Jetpack Roadmap draft created
  • First week of contributions, 89 developers signed up and 37 of them received some contribution.
  • 94% of add-ons compatible with 3.5, due to increased usage of 3.5


  • Socorro UI updates, Socorro team presented at OSCON!
  • Laura presented on SUMO at OSCON
  • AMO 5.0.8
  • SUMO 1.2.1 maintenance release later this week


L10n team will be working together in Berlin next week.


  • Met with dev team today, hoping to have a localized Maemo beta, as well as setting a string freeze for Fennec 1.0 release sometime in mid-August. Tasks needing work
    • installers
    • some productzation elements (default bookmarks)
    • web l10n
    • outreach to localizers


  • Billionth download campaign l10n will start sometime this week.
  • Get Personas site is getting reading for l10n
  • All Fennec pages/content will need l10n; working with the Marketing team to finalize that


  • Working on a l20n implementation
  • Verbatim AMO and SUMO


  • Creating metrics reports for each localization

Foundation Updates


Intern Show & Tell

This week we have the following interns presenting:

  • RJ Walsh (WebDev)
  • Jeremy Hiatt (L10N)
  • Shannon Prior (Marketing)
  • Eric Hergenrader (Metrics)
  • Felipe Gomes (Firefox)

Other Business