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Video for today's meeting

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Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

Cheng Wang wrote in saying "Thanks to Drew Ruderman and David Naylor who really stepped up and answered TONS of questions during the 3.6 launch"

Anthony Hughes (:ashughes) wrote in "I'd like to nominate adifire as a Friend of the Tree this week. She showed up to QAs AMO testday not knowing much about testing; only that she wanted to help. By the end of the day she had contributed many test results and asked many questions resulting in a couple of bug reports being filed against AMO. She seemed eager to learn and excited to return for future testdays."

Upcoming Events

Put upcoming events here, with dates if possible. Are there any brown bags scheduled for this week? Software releases scheduled for this month?

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Monday, Feb 8

Tuesday, Feb 9

Wednesday, Feb 10

  • A Weave 1.0 Meetup will be happening in the Mountain View office from 6:30 - 8pm on Wednesday.

Thursday, Feb 11

  • Design Lunch presented by Aakash Desai, on the update of reporter.mozilla.org

Friday, Feb 12

Coming up on "Mozilla"...


The limit is 3 minutes per speaker. It's like a lightning talk, but don't feel that you have to have slides in order to make a presentation.

Title Presenter Topic Media More Details
Your title here Your name here About your topic Link to any media you want shown on the screen while you talk Link for interested people to get more information
John O'Duinn Mobile devices in the wireless room coming soon
Choice Campaign - Europe Jane Finette Intro to new Mozilla campaign surrounding EU Browser Ballot Choice Campaign Slides Sign up for more info at: browserchoice@mozilla.org
Updating JavaScript: ES5 Jeff Walden Brief rundown of ES5 (the next edition of the JavaScript spec) with overview of Mozilla support Slides See last slide
Jetpack Ambassadors - World-Wide Aza Raskin Scaling community, evangelism, and Jetpack Coming Soon Agenda
Weave APIs and Developer Resources Ragavan Srinivasan APIs, libraries, resources and sample code to extend Weave Demo video Blog post
Weave Meetup Weds Eve Marcia Knous Community feature focus (Technical Education, QA, Community involvement) annoucement

Status Updates By Team



  • Froze for 1.9.3 alpha 1 last week. Builds happening today.
  • Out of process plugins disabled by default for this alpha, but as soon as the specific blockers to enabled by default are resolved, we'll spin another alpha.

Branch work: Firefox 3.5.x / Firefox 3.6.x / Thunderbird 3.0.x

Old Branch work: Firefox 3.0.x / Thunderbird 2.0.0.x


  • 3.1b1/3.1 planning to be done by tomorrow
  • 3.0.2
    • Code Freeze: Friday, Feb 12 23:59 PST
    • L10n Freeze: Monday, Feb 15 23:59 PST
    • Final Release: Wednesday, Feb 25




Last Week

  • Phoenix! Status
    • Building out 80 servers this week

This Week

  • 2 additional ISC hosted download mirrors
  • 50 1u RelEng builders


  • Production services in Phoenix
    • download.mozilla.org
    • aus2.mozilla.org

Release Engineering


Test Execution
  • Firefox 3.0.18 and 3.5.8
    • Coordinated and setup testing (litmus, etc.) with Tracy, Henrik, and AravindM (Smartware)
    • stuff left todo
      • l10n testing
      • Update testing on betatest and beta for beta release
  • WinMo Alpha4 testing started today.
  • Shipped [ AMO 5.6]
  • Shipped [ GetPersonas.com 2.4] (security fixes)
  • Shipped [ Funnelcake 10]
  • Had great participation by a few folks on our AMO testday, this past Friday
  • Team began converting Selenium IDE tests (written in Selenese/JavaScript) over to Python, in anticipation of integrating with AMO's Hudson install
QA Community
  • 2 presentations @ FOSDEM Tomcat's open source meetup howto and Henrik's presentation on Mozmill test automation.
  • Lots of Coordination for CeBIT and preparing of CeBIT is underway - only 3 weeks left
  • Testdays
    • Held the 2 Weeks of OOPP Testing TestDays. Recap can be found here
Test Dev
  • 2 patches landed for WinMo Talos! We have only 1 patch remaining to get full WinMo Ts (many thanks to alice!)
  • Beginning to dig into Litmus 2 work
  • Revived the old reftest extension for crowd sourcing hardware acceleration testing automation. Created an xpcom component to get hardware information out of a running computer
  • More information is always on our page.





  • Techkriti, GNUnify, Quark, MozCamp Bangalore - February 2010; India.  Seth, Arun and Ragavan will be in India during February to participate in a number of university based events.
  • Processing.js Boston March 10, 2010; Boston, MA - Looking into organizing this even with the Processing.js team. 
  • MAOW Lima 2010 - February 27, 2010; Lima, Peru.  Working with community members and Jorge Villalobos to put together a one-day add-ons workshop on XUL and Jetpack.
  • SXSW Interactive 2010  March 12-16, 2010; Austin, Texas.  We have a small sponsorship and are hosting a Mozilla party on Saturday, March 13th from 6-8pm at the Cedar Door.  Sign-ups for our party are here.  Please continue to check our wiki page for information.
  • ROFLCon April 30 - May  1, 2010; Boston, MA.  We have a join sponsorship with the Mozilla Foundation and will be live streaming and archiving the event with HTML5 open video.

Creative Team

  • Don't miss the upcoming brown bag about Mozilla websites (Thursday, Feb 11, 12:30 p.m. Pacific).
  • Tara is soliciting ideas for a Twitter-based data visualization.
  • Laura is working with the metrics team to run A/B tests on our First Run, Firefox download and Getting Started pages. Read more here.

Community Marketing

  • Survey: Help us get a read on volunteer marketing with Mozilla! If you help promote Mozilla and its projects please take a few minutes to fill out the survey.
  • Personas Campaign/What's your style?: Last call for pix! The campaign is still running. Please, please add your pictures directly to the Flickr group.
  • Community Marketing Call:
    • Notes from the last call.
    • Next call is Feb. 17th -- Please, please send agenda items and collateral to Mary this week. We're going to distribute a slide deck pre-call to help people follow along/share info.
      • Dial-in Info: +1.650.903.0800, followed by 92# and then 7391#
      • Or you can use our toll-free number: +1.800.707.2533, followed by 369# and then 7391#. If you're outside the US, use Skype to call in with our toll-free number.
      • You can also watch the meeting live in Open Video at air mozilla
      • For those that can't make the call or want to participate online, join us in #marketing on IRC (irc.mozilla.org).





Developer Tools

  • We'll be presenting Bespin this week at the Mountain View JavaScript Meetup. Wednesday at 7pm.
  • The new syntax highlighting engine has landed in the tree. We're doing some refinements before releasing Bespin Embedded 0.6.1 which will include this.




Introducing New Hires

  • RelEng: Rail (pronounced RAY-EEL) Aliev - welcome!

Foundation Updates