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Testday Results

  • 1st week of OOPP
    • Top BugFinder: kbrosnan (4 bugs filed)
    • Had a max of 35 the testday channel at its peak during the week
    • Major contributors outside mozQA: aaronmt, kbrosnan, aleksej, cousteau`irssi, Littlemutt, FF4Life78, cleoson, lth, fred23, Kelopez, Coce, taz, gaby2300, Tobbi
    • # Bugs Found: 15
  • Second Week
    • Tuesday
      • Top BugFinder: Simone Lando (1 bug filed)
      • Maxium number of participants: ~25
      • Major contributors outside mozQA: underpass, AaronMT, Tanner, gaby2300, Littlemutt, Tobbi
      • Bugs Found: bug 545186 - crash with Moonlight 2.0