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Round Robin Status

  • Guest Contributor's Status
  • Henrik
    • Presented Mozmill at FOSDEM to about 25 people.
    • L10N team (adrian kalla) will start using mozmill for L10N automation in march
    • Continuing work on documentation.
  • Clint
    • Last Week
      • Orodruin
        • Getting Jmaher's patches closer to landing
        • Worked on reviews
        • Proposed a UI for Valgrind/Unit test system
    • This week
      • Pulling apart Orodruin into small bite sized chunks for BuildBot integration
      • Landing Jmaher's Patches for Mochitest
      • Job Descriptions, interview scheduling, resume shuffling.
      • Mozmill documentation
  • Bob (bc)
    • Last week
      • Refactored workers to reuse code between valgrind and crash test workers
    • This week
      • Working on crash parsing so that the crashes can be equated to bugzilla queries
  • Joel
    • Last Week
      • Getting patches ready to go.
      • Worked on getting a patch together to do remote reftests, in dbaron's queue
      • Landed two talos patches, one remaining until we have WinMo Ts
    • This Week
      • Getting patches landed
      • More work on reftests
  • Jonathan
    • Last Week
      • Revived the old reftest extension for hardware accelerated graphics
      • wrote an xpcom component to get information about graphics subsystem out of the hardware layer.
    • This week
      • Working on packing tests inside extension
      • Working on nice public facing UI for the tool
      • OPen question of where do we put the results
  • Heather
    • Last Week
      • Started work on Litmus 2
      • Experimenting with Django and Couch for testcase storage
      • Have a form up to enter a test case so that we can finalize the testcase object
    • This Week
      • Figure out a repo to put the code in
      • Working on implementing the individual steps and tag/collection interfaces
  • Tomcat

Not present today?

  • Murali
    • Last week
      • Completed change analysis between Jmaher's remote test mochitest patch vs. normal mochitests
    • This week
      • Working on more bugzilla queries and scripts
      • Continuing work on the reftest manifest tool
  • Bob Moss
    • Met last week with build team, had a good meeting formalized a plan to move forward on the Orodruin + Buildbot integration.


Half way through the quarter, are we halfway toward our Big Goals for Q1?

  1.  Get mobile automation infrastructure into production
         * Add support for Android into mobile automation infrastructure 
  2. Mozmill 1.4
         * Add required support for E10S in Mozmill.
         * Resolve bugs which are blocking some test development. 
  3. Breakpad for ARM
  4. Litmus
         * Address issues around performance.
         * Gather requirements and start work on Litmus II 
  5. Crash Reporter improvements
  6. New OS bring-up
         * Early in Q1 we will determine OS's/Configs