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No Meeting this week. See you September 9th!

All-hands Status Meeting Agenda

Items in this section will be shared during the live all-hand status meeting.

Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

Upcoming Events

This Week

Monday, 02 September

  • MAKER PARTY: London, UK: Campus Party is an annual week long, 24-hours-a-day technology festival where thousands of “Campuseros” (hackers, developers, gamers and technophiles) equipped with laptops camp on-site and immerse themselves in a truly unique environment.
  • MAKER PARTY: Flintstone, USA: Web designers generally post a "Hello World!" statement when they create their first page. "Hello World!" workshop will help potential webmakers create their first page. They will go over the process of signing up with a (free) host, downloading an FTP client and uploading your first real index page. Think of it as a quick glance at intro to web design. Afterwards, they will look into expanding upon their web site, including what kind of site they'd like to build. Whether it's informational, member based or ecommerce, they can get the open-source tools to build it.
  • MAKER PARTY: Andhra Pradesh, India: MozKarimnagar invites participants to tussle with very best minds across the city. Come & Join to learn, hack and celebrate. Participants will learn HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 so that they can build next generation apps for the Firefox OS which is based on HTML5. Participants will receive hands on help and Technology leaders from Mozilla will showcase the new technologies, platforms and opportunities. It's a great opportunity to share a stage with an audience of peers, as well tech leaders and innovators.

Tuesday, 03 September

  • MAKER PARTY: Tamil Nadu, India: WebConnect will teach the web technology, how to build the webpage, and how to host and manage a website.

Wednesday, 04 September

Thursday, 05 September

  • Manager Hacking - 9am PT - More Info
    • Topic: Selecting Your Communication Style
    • Open to all
    • (MTV) 10 Forward, (SF) 7-Forward, (TOR) TOR-Commons , Remote - Vidyo or Air Mozilla
  • MAKER PARTY: East Java, Indonesia: STIKOM Firefox Club Webmaker Event will teach participants on how to make a profile from web using mozilla technology. Participats will also learn of Open Source Application from Linux User Group STIKOM Surabaya.

Friday, 06 September

  • MAKER PARTY: Makati City, Philippines: Maker Party Valero will help participants start creating something on the Web or teach others with the help of Mozilla's Webmaker tools! Start learning about the Web and start learning how we can teach everyone, regardless of professional/academic background, to become part of the generation of Webmakers!

Saturday, 07 September

  • MAKER PARTY: Brighton, UK: Two-Day Brighton Mini-Maker Faire weekend, with Make Things Do Stuff partners, running workshops for young people and adults! This is part of the month-long Brighton Digital Festival.
  • MAKER PARTY: Toronto, Canada: Two-Day MaRS Energy Hackathon is calling on developers, designers, energy experts and budding entrepreneurs to create apps and hardware that make use of the Green Button Connect My Data open API and other sample datasets. The goal? Your brainchild will help consumers better understand, access and manage their electricity consumption.

Sunday, 08 September

  • MAKER PARTY: Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan: Create A Website and get it live on the web! Andy will help participants with the technical details and teach how to do it.
  • MAKER PARTY: Tamil Nadu, India: E-COMMERCE MEET'13 allows attendees, who are already familiar in webmaking, to conduct sessions about their experiences in the Industry as well as sessions on new technologies.

Next Week

Product Status Updates (voice updates)

Firefox Desktop

Speaker Location:

Firefox Mobile

Speaker Location:


Speaker Location:

Older Branch Work

Speaker Location:


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Speaker Location:


Speaker Location:

Firefox OS

No Audible: Firefox OS Performance team meeting (almost work week) happened in Toronto, Canada, last week. This is to bootstrap the performance work effort to ensure Firefox OS stay fast.

Speaker Location:

Grow Mozilla

Speaker Location:


The limit is 3 minutes per speaker. It's like a lightning talk, but don't feel that you have to have slides in order to make a presentation. If you plan on showing a video, you need to contact the Air Mozilla team before the day of the meeting or you will be deferred to the next week.

Presenter Title Topic Location Share? Media More Details
Who Are You? What Do You Do? What are you going to talk about? Where are you presenting from? (Moz Space, your house, space) Will you be sharing your screen? (yes/no, other info) Links to slides or images you want displayed on screen Link to where audience can find out more information


Do you have a question about a Mozilla Project or initiative? Let us know by Friday- we'll do our best to get you an answer.

Please note that we may not always be able to get to every item on this list, but we will try!

Who are you? Area of question Question
What's your name? What do you work on? Is your question about policy, a product, a Foundation initiative, etc. What would you like to know?


Let's say hello to some new Mozillians!

Introducing New Hires

New Hire Introduced by Speaker location New Hire location Will be working on
Who is the new hire? Who will be introducing that person? Where is the introducer? Where will the new person be working from? What will the new person be working on?

Introducing New Interns

New Intern Introduced by Speaker location New Hire location Will be working on
Who is the new intern? Who will be introducing that person? Where is the introducer? Where will the new person be working from? What will the new person be working on?


Notes and non-voice status updates that aren't part of the live meeting go here.

Status Updates By Team (*non-voice* updates)







Release Engineering


Test Execution


QA Community

Automation & Tools