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The manager hacking program exists to help us all become better leaders.

We've been gone for a minute but it's time to get things rolling again. Bear with us while we figure out the details. If you have thoughts, contact one of the stewards (see below).


What if I'm remote? 
We will first run a few pilot sessions in offices, though we will not be successful without including all of Mozilla.
If I can't make it, will it be recorded? 
Previously we have recorded these. Currently we are debating how recording changes the conversation, and if it is desirable.
If I miss a session can I still go to the next session? 
Yes. The sessions are not dependent. Each session is a unique, beautiful, snowflake and will be equally useful. So if you miss one, don't despair -- just show up at the next one!
What if I'm not a manager? Can I still come? 
Yes. If you're a Mozillian and interested, don't ask -- just go.
I hate lectures, what else will it be? 
It is managers speaking to each other with a small group of people responsible for guiding the discussion. It is NOT powerpoints and lectures -- or 1 person telling you how to be a manager. That's what we DON'T want this to be.
How do you decide on topics? 
You will have a voice in guiding the future of the program, and that voice is what matters. The stewards (see below) will help get a feel for what matters most to the group, but ultimately our hope is to just help find the next topic organically by listening to you.
Can I be a steward? 
Yes! Come talk to the current stewards
What if I have something to teach? 
Talk to the group and volunteer. Talk to a steward and we can fit you in!
Will we still have guest speakers? 
We'd like to include outside guests, and are figuring out how to integrate that experience.
Is this where I can learn how to hack my manager? 
Nope, but shine on, you crazy diamond.


  • new managers are often looking for more training opportunities
  • encourage managers in different parts of the org to interact more often
  • we could learn more from each others' situations
  • we could make more of an effort to share what tools and philosophies we use


  • Goal: once a month, at regular intervals.


Sessions will be offered in a variety of presentations as follows:

  • Internal speakers provide best practices and reflection on session topics
  • External consultants/Subject Matter Expert speakers
  • Open discussion and panel discussion
  • Group activities/Role play/Application exercise

Before most meetings there will be an abstract, article or book for you to download. The literature is intended to spark thoughts around the topics, guide you to think about application and give you an idea of what you will learn.


This is a team effort, and it includes you. If you have questions or need help, email this alias:

Have ideas? Want to give feedback?

  • send feedback to any of the stewards below

Program stewards include:

  • Lonnen
  • Selena Deckelmann

Find some of us in IRC:

  • #managerhacking

Topic ideas

We are always looking for presenters, internal or external. If you would like to participate, or you have a great idea we want to hear it!

Presentation examples developed from sources such as outside law firms or other top company programs include:

  • Managers and the Law
  • Effective Communications
  • Effective/Behavioral Interviewing
  • SMART Goals and Metrics
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Performance Management (1:1's)
  • Manager Accountability
  • Key Manager Skills - The 5 "L's" (Listen, Level, Look Ahead, Leverage, Link)
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Employee Lifecycle
  • Corrective Actions (PIP's) & Termination Management
  • Taking Responsibility, Shielding & Acknowledgments
  • Growing openness in your new employees

Other more custom to Mozilla might include:

  • Surviving the Mozilla Challenge Environment
  • Remote Experience - Working and Managing our remote workforce
  • Working with people not employed by Mozilla (other companies, volunteers)
  • IT Network Tips and Tricks (Audio, Video, Conference Rooms, etc)
  • Writing Workshop
  • The Science of Talent (or "Talent Science")
  • Maintaining and Managing Employee Data
  • Media Training
  • Running an Effective Mozilla Meeting

Good Reads

Keep in mind, no article or book will outline things perfectly, but each contains useful information we should piece together to form what works at Mozilla, ourselves as managers, our teams.

Up Next


Past Sessions

  • Information about the 2014 Manager Hacking program has been archived here