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Welcome the Mozilla North American Community Call
January 22nd 7PM EST or 10 PM UTC

Join the Hangout! https://hangouts.google.com/call/rn7rbi3rtjbgnbnvqkpdvljtxye

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+++++++January 22nd++++++++

Roll Call, who's here (Name, location, What do you think of the new Mozilla logo?)

  • Semirah, Boston, I think it is refreshing that Mozilla has a new logo. It allows for our community to rebrand
  • Shubham Khichi, Dallas, I think its fantastic and refreshing to the new millennial era.
  • Rabimba Karanjai, Houston. I feel completely *meh* about the logo
  • Robby Sayles, Dallas, Liking the new logo......
  • Benjamin Kerensa, Portland, I think it will not last long and agree with designers who say it looks a decade old
  • DELlicia Shorter //The logo make a statement of hope
  • Emma, at first I wasn't sure because I was worried people wouldn't know that :// was protocol and not a face but as I've seen peoples reaction, and let it settle - I super like it , it feels like a recognizable 'opinion'


Looking for Volunteers for Note Taking?

Nominations open Diversity and Inclusion for Participation team (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSclUs1bQNfPJY55WcyjfLR0SMdBjOuMKGx3O-7NOvmIjpH3VA/viewform) +1 we have only 27% female nominees, please reach into your community (past, present of future Mozillian), women and voices of diversity). Often people won't think of their voice as being important, that's where you can play an important role! <3

logo? year plan? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NMgOCplPzTCKcJZ1gdFryBgSYj55z1t3GYZ71Z0Wg8Q/edit?usp=sharing social media strategy Once we determine our social media strategy we can update this Mozilla social media presence wiki: Community_Social_Media_Presense

  • TO DO: Add Mozilla USA & Canada blog to this wiki +Mozilla Boston Twitter +Mozilla Utah Facebook
  • Others:

task management software (https://trello.com/invite/northamericanmozillacommunity/bd1d57e5a86d4b18883557b7c4428506) --> Doesn't work anymore +1 couldn't access .... Robby please check this link create a wiki for the community (any volunteers)--> Shubham Khichi, (Timeline: 2 weeks) Building our vision statement (google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gDqVQEwp82qCWiBB24w6GShIeGhSq5Y96Soljkd8Rp0/edit?usp=sharing) Note: Canada and USA going separate ways ? can you elaborate on this?

  • USA focused on conferences (MoCo) what conferences, and what of Mozilla's goals does this line up with?
  • Canada is more focused with developed stuff (MoFo) there is a lot of work being done between Mofo and Moco to align work, for example both are working on onboarding for new mozillians (pooling their work, setting goals).
  • Goals don’t align ? again can you explain what the goals are, and why they don't aline (assuming you mean USA and Canada), second questions - do people identify as having goals related to their country of residence? Or their community (local)
  • In community organizing, it’s better to organize with smaller scale (scalability and sustainable) +1
  • Communication with everyone

How to communicate this to Mozilla? create verbiage to show that strengthen the countries separately is more productive

  • Is there work/documentation somewhere that explains how we see those differences?
  • If people are very spaced out - why do country lines matter (wanting to understand)

Mozilla Canada may need their own leadership what is leadership in the context of this discussion? Do you think you can come up with a hypothesis as to why this split is important to do now? vrs maybe breaking down the possibilities and testing what works (what I think we should consider, and respects different organizing styles, and commitment etc) ? AND then making a decision?

  • An initiative for North America
  • An initiative for just USA
  • An initiative for just Canada
  • An an initiative for just local community

Don't want burnout! Don't shoot too high! +1

Action items:

Notes from the meeting............


Welcome the Mozilla North American Community Call

January 8th 7PM EST or 10 PM UTC

Join the Hangout! https://hangouts.google.com/call/rn7rbi3rtjbgnbnvqkpdvljtxye

+++++++January 8th++++++++

Roll Call, who's here? (Name, location, LinkedIn profile link)

  • Robby Sayles, Dallas Texas, www.linkedin.com/in/rtsayles
  • Semirah, Boston, https://www.linkedin.com/in/semirahdolan
  • Mark-Anthony Torrocha, Utah, linkedin.com/in/maltorro
  • Steven ,Texas,www.linkedin.com/in/shubham-khichi
  • Maniraj Thripuradhi/california
  • Dellicia Shorter /Massachusetts
  • Stephanie Rozek


1.Recap the former call

  • Action item: Existing communities survey


Telegram link: https://telegram.me/joinchat/DYC1NAuSfiRN_h7FpL4rbw
2. Mozilla Rebranding logo/goals

3. Social media strategy
(meet with Sierra Reed)

  • make facebook

Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/uta4firefox/ we can rebrand it to make it nationwide facebook page. Let me know!!
Utah Mozilla Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mozilla.utah/

    • Content**

4. N.A logo
-invite open design team to call for logo ideas
-contact marketing (Sierra)
-Elio!!!!! (send him a facebook message)

  • recommended idea: tshirts/marking logo, etc

-Mark works at a UX company and offered to help with the logo

5. Reasoning behind the madness: learning curve and action items needed to get started

6. It's a good idea to attend the weekly meetings (WeeklyUpdates)


Robby (Task management system) currently working on getting access to Basecamp
Next call January 22nd
Steven and Semirah will be working on North America 2017 Go Forward Plans
Robby will reach out to Sierra regarding Social Media

Welcome the Mozilla North American Community Call
December 18th 7PM EST or 10 PM UTC

Join the Hangout! https://hangouts.google.com/call/j3jl7onterd3bogim2vg5yok6me

+++++++DECEMBER 18th++++++++

Roll Call, who's here (Name, location, How do you like your coffee?)

  • Semirah, Boston, Iced/cream & sugar
  • Steven Constantine, Black with 2 pumps of peppermint
  • Dellicia/ Cocoa and coffee mixed
  • April Morone, black.
  • Majken (Kensie) - chili mocha
  • Emma , Tea & anything sweet


Discussion & Q+A: Contributing to Mozilla
What are your biggest blockers?

  • Time

What could help?

  • Clear goals and expectations Growing our North American Group:

  1. Name of someone you can invite to our next call: ...

India leadership feedback (Steven)

  • structured leadership
  • Wikis: private, distribute tasks, deadlines, team charters (consequences ex. someone takes over a task you can't do),
  • Put call notes into a Wiki (add wiki to MozillaUSA blog) Mozilla Wiki created
  • Create an SOP of the community - Kerala/SOPs (Similar to this one from Kerala)

Telegram link:


Emma: learn the last surge attempts of North American meetup attempts
learn from past communities
What do we envision as a meetup
What do we want to get out of it
Goals that show we have leanred from the past
Who is in a meetup
How is that taking shape

-had goals to run a pop up in vancouver (exhausting but successful) brought out reps, hard to get help, taxing, went back to local managing - we can do it
use desgin thinking or innovative ways to build community, succeeded in learning things and not at a rate to help volunteers

Particiaption has a goal to align with communities to get things done within Mozilla, do what matters, types of events wanted would be learning Rust/MozActivate

Majken: past experience from last meetups, people wold agree on goals/documents, people were given things to do and didnt actually finish them
we are a bunch of islands,people have other jobs, wanted to build community ourselves but we need back up,
India has l10n, they have localization as the glue, what is the NA glue? several people with great leadership but wanted different outcomes, every leader had a different outcome, allow people to break off

  • -Are there communities and what does it look like, what are the goals

  • Next meeting January 8th, 2016 7PM EST // 10PM UTC


Welcome the Mozilla North American Community Call
December 4th 7PM EST or 10 PM UTC

Join the Hangout! https://hangouts.google.com/call/squqlhelj5f47lmoo2cccx6jpue

+++++++DECEMBER 4th++++++++

Roll Call, who's here (Name, location, favorite food)?

  • Semirah, Boston, spaghetti
  • Lawrence Wu, State College PA,Pork Roast
  • Benjamin, Portland Office, Sushi
  • Shubham.Texas,pokemon
  • Sq Sayles , Texas Chicken
  • Dellicia Shorter , Boston MA, Spicy tofu and broccoli

1. Intros
2. Mozilla Now
3. Future of Mozilla North America

Mozilla North American Meet Up (Yes/No, Prospective Location, Goals of meetup)

  • Yes, Mountain View, Goal: Community efforts re-unity (aka Mozilla North America v2.0 ;) +1
  • Would only be in California at March 5th - 11
  • Maybe, Prefer Portland or SF: Coordination with Functional Areas +1

  • Mozilla Now:

MozActivate (https://activate.mozilla.community/test-pilot/)
Test Pilot (Test_Pilot)
Mozilla Campus Clubs (https://campus.mozilla.community/)
Mozilla Foundation
Mozilla Festival (https://mozillafestival.org/)
Mozilla Corporation (link?) (https://www.mozilla.org/)

  • What do you want to see from the North American Mozilla Community?
  • Group Chat - Textual group chat often makes cohesion and information sharing more effective, more informal (especially while programming), written proof noted down, and more convenient than timed calls
  • More Visibility, more activities


Call Notes: meetup ideas/mini-moz coffees (region by region) - Mozilla Reps site has locations of Reps (mozillareps.org?)

  • MozCoffees

Sounds like Portland is the ideal date Prospective date is Spring 2017 fo Meetup How often to have calls? 2-3 times/month

  • need: clear ownership (someone responsible for fall through)
  • need: people to own plans/action items
  • past North American problems: accountability
  • delegation

Telegram group! - Semirah Continue discussions on Discourse Basecamp? -Robby get in touch with Mary/ (task management tool)