2009 ping pong

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Ping Pong Tournament - August 8-21


Play-ins: August 11
Round of 16: August 11-12
Quarterfinals: August 13
Semifinals: August 14
Finals: August 14 (Broadcast on AirMozilla?)

  • Winner determined by the winner of best three out of five games.
  • Each game is played to 11.
  • Must win by at least two points (i.e. 14-12).
  • You can lose a game on your serve. There are no serve re-dos if you are down game point and you miss.
  • If your opponent has a game point, it is your serve, regardless of who was serving before.
  • Switch servers after 5 points.
  • Ceremonial P-I-N-G shall determine who serves first.
  • Switch sides of the table after each game.
  • First come, first serve on the table.
  • Official tournament ball shall be the orange 3-star ball.
  • Mark your results on the official tournament draw.


Put your name on the list below if you are interested in playing

  • Jeff Zeller (jzeller@mozilla.com)
  • John Slater (jslater@mozilla.com)
  • Margaret Leibovic (mleibovic@mozilla.com)
  • Aakash Desai (adesai@mozilla.com)
  • Tony Chung (tchung)
  • Juan Becerra (juanb)
  • Paul Craciunoiu (paulc)
  • Blake Cutler (bcutler)
  • Ken Kovash (kkovash)
  • Roy Frostig (rfrostig@mozilla.com)
  • Julie Deroche (jgoulie)
  • Blake Kaplan (mrbkap)
  • Jeremy Hiatt (jhiatt)
  • David Boswell (davidwboswell)
  • Mike "Boom Boom" Morgan (morgamic)
  • Jeff Balogh (jbalogh)
  • Alan Chang (achang)
  • Pejman Pour-Moezzi (pejmanjohn)
  • Stuart Parmenter (stuart)