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2014 Support Team Goals Detail

Apps/Marketplace/Developer Relations


Mozilla will lead the way in establishing WebApps and the supporting ecosystem as overall better alternative to native Apps by enabling developers and the HTML ecosystem to build, distribute, merchandise, and monetize WebApps. Success is measured by impact of Marketplace in the ecosystem. 2014 Marketplace goals.

Measurable goals in 2014

  • [Apps/Marketplace] Increase presence of Top 100 WebApps in Marketplace from 15% (today) to 60%. 13k WebApps in Marketplace (shared with Dev Program).
  • [Apps/Marketplace] Exit 2014 powering Mozilla Appstores
  • [Apps/Marketplace] Launch common infrastructure for payments on all Firefox properties in 2014
  • [Apps/Marketplace/Devrel] Original goal of 13K apps in the Firefox Marketplace was revised in June '14 to incorporate quality measure: target is now 6K apps with average of at least one app install per Marketplace visit by consumers (app count in July 2013 was 1,448)
  • [Devrel] 24.5 % of mobile web developers using open web technologies. (17%, July 2013.)
  • [Devrel] 24.5% of apps developed in HTML5 across all platforms. (17%, July 2013.)
  • [Devrel] 1,000 developers/month contributing to Developer Relations activities. (473/month, July 2013.)




Activate a world-class communications organization that draws from both paid and unpaid contributors to support the business goals of Mozilla across all 2014 product, people and revenue diversification initiatives.

Measurable goal in 2014

Our team goal is to ensure that 100% of the messages and experiences we create contribute to the accomplishment of Mozilla’s goals in 2014.


The Engagement Team’s most valuable assets are the relationships we initiate and maintain with the users, contributors and supporters of Mozilla. Our strategy is to expand both the scale of those relationships and to increase the value of the exchange (both how we support them, and how they support Mozilla).

In looking across the audiences we engage, we have identified the following opportunities to ensure 2014, and future, success.

Press and PR: We will bring new press, PR, and industry analysts into the Firefox OS discussion and work with them to include our operating system in the same reporting as the major offerings (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile). At the end of 2014 we will have successfully moved Firefox OS out of the "other" category.

PR will also work for Mozilla to continue to be a trusted thought leader in privacy and data, laddering up to our valued position in trust. We will also work to be included in every big Web trend conversation; enhance reputation for best practices in delivering cloud services; maintain consistent, positive global coverage in tier one business, tech and consumer press of Firefox as the browser to choose.

And finally, to develop clear messaging and competitive media strategies that highlight Firefox differentiators and benefits and focus messaging and activities on helping press emotionally connect with Mozilla.

Brand: Alongside our PR and Product counterparts, we will work to differentiate all Firefox products on the issue of “Trust.” Doing so will support both the features that fuel new initiatives (Firefox Accounts, and diversified revenue sources) while reinforcing the core Mozilla values [and activating the community involvement required to] drive our mission forward.

Community: To increase the number of active contributors across 2014 and future initiatives, we will grow the number of relationships and participation points with all our constituents, and empower supporters to more easily evangelize Mozilla’s products and purpose.

SUMO: To facilitate user success across our Firefox and Firefox OS products, we will deliver personalized community support experiences, regionalized user feedback, and work with internal and external partners to create scalable product education programs.

Product Marketing: To ensure the continued adoption of Firefox OS by both partners and consumers, we will continue to define and deliver the messages that make Firefox OS devices the smart decision for the next wave of Internet users coming online. In addition, we will work with internal and external brand partners to strengthen Firefox differentiation on the topic of Trust, advance the adoption of new services, and deepen our understanding of usage growth drivers through active funnel experimentation and optimization.

Finance and Operations


We exist to deliver information and services to enable better business decisions and operational efficiency to Mozillians worldwide

We live at the intersection where daily decisions and systems inputs/outputs create the actual transaction and the physical delivery of our services and support.

Our results and impact are easily measurable primarily by the test of time and the organizations ability to grow and scale with low drama.

  • QUALITY: We focus our measurements on the quality of the information or service we deliver
  • DECISIONS: Are our collective decisions consistent, timely, and based on accurate information?
  • OUTCOMES = Sustainability, Scalability, Impact: Are we viewed as critical partners in the success of Mozillian's and Mozilla Product and other Support Group Leaders.

We operate by openly communicating everything we do and LEAD with our own version of BEST practices to "Build, Enable, Shape, and Teach" the WHY? of finance and operations as a critical component of knowing more, doing more and being better.

Measurable goals in 2014

FINANCE; Establish and Execute Mozilla's first ever system of Product Line Planning, Budgeting, and Monthly Financial Variance Analysis Reviews By PRODUCT LINE (with our Product Organizations and Leaders) and By OPERATING DEPT.

OPERATIONS: Execute final pieces of Mozilla Spaces 3 yr plan (Mtn View move; 331 Evelyn) and Mozilla Berlin. Build the framework and initial plans for better "connective tissue" between our 10 key Mozilla Spaces and how our Million Mozillians and Community programs can leverage both these new spaces and their own with our teams information and service support.


  • Ensure our new Resource Allocation Survey becomes a critical component of our regular routines
  • Financial Training and Awareness for our Leaders and our People.
  • Communication and Open Information and Feedback

Insights and Strategy


We deliver meaningful, actionable insights from market research, user research and metrics data to support the business goals of Mozilla across all 2014 product and revenue diversification initiatives. We are also reliable and accountable partners for Mozilla strategy making.

Measurable goal in 2014

Our team goal is to ensure that 100% of the insights and supports we provide contribute to the accomplishment of Mozilla’s goals in 2014, and lead the next step thinking for 2014 and beyond.


The Insights and Strategy Team’s most valuable deliverables are distilled insights we obtain from products, users, partners and markets. Our strategy is to deliver meaningful and reliable knowledge to Mozilla and to facilitate decision making for our product strategies.

We have identified the following opportunities to ensure 2014, and future, success:

Product Metrics: We will work with Product, Engineering, Legal, Privacy, Business Development and IT to establish meaningful metrics for each major product. At the end of 2014 we will have successfully improved products based on metrics.

Know Our Users: With our internal and external partners, we will derive user segmentations, especially for new markets. We will also help to differentiate Mozilla products with unique value propositions for our BU partners' products. We will also work to create scalable research programs through communities.

Product Strategy Support: To increase adoption of Firefox OS, we will continue to deliver recommendations that help to make Firefox OS devices the right choice for partners and consumers. We will work tightly with internal and external teams to strengthen Firefox OS product strategies and connect them with Marketing and Business Development messaging.

General Market Strategy and Horizon Three Thinking: With our product counterparts, we will provide recommendations for market strategy, and illustrate potential opportunities for new initiatives in cross-product integration and ambient computing.

Besides these core efforts, we also support all business units in their needs.

IT and Network


Enable scalability of our key systems and Mozillians with improved Mozillian community and partner contact management capabilities and better information and content access and sharing.

Measurable goals in 2014

1) Elimination of geographical single points of failure for Firefox Desktop downloads.

2) Deliver a volunteer and partner database management system (i.e. CRM) to better understand and manage our impact potential through the ecosystem of Mozillians.

3) Provide improved content search and sharing capabilities as well as self-service capabilities to support Firefox launches and other branding and community events with approved branding digital assets using a Mozilla digital asset management service.


In Mozilla’s plans to grow and scale existing product usage and users, add new services and enable communities who have impact, it is imperative that the key foundational services and tools are made available and are resilient. There are many opportunities possible, however there are a few critical services that are the pillars to all of the 2014 goals.

Firefox downloads: Firefox download services will also be improved to provide increased resiliency through geographic redundancy.

Volunteer and partner database and management system.: Growing our community and partner ecosystem, requires a shift from time spent on manual work flows and disparate sources of information, to systems and tools that enable Mozilla to realize and map the true value of our volunteers and partners as well as capturing and retaining our knowledge and wisdom.

Digital Asset Management: Firefox launches and other branding and community events have a need for easy access to a portfolio of Mozilla approved and branded digital assets for partners, Mozilla teams and communities. A digital asset management service will increase productivity and ensure scalability to engagement, marketing and other similar events necessary to support the growth and scalability of Mozilla products and services.

Legal and Business Affairs


Measurable goals in 2014


People Team


To make it easier to get work done so our people can do more, want to stay longer, and invite other to help us do what we do.

Measurable goals in 2014

  • 100% of top active contributors are identified,
  • 50% of active contributors will bring at least one new member to the project,
  • 90% of EOY active contributors express an intention to contribute to the project for at least the next 12 months,
  • At least a 4 out of 6 rating as a trusted partner to the project.


Function Focus
Partnership (HR Business Partners) Identify roadblocks to productivity and get rid of them.
Talent Aquisition Find great people and entice them to join.
Participation Pathways Make it easy for people to participate in meaningful ways.
Compensation/Benefits/Systems Make processes and systems simple, seamless, and supportive. Pay and reward people competitively.
Communications Simplify information and connect information.
Connection and Evolution Make it easier for us to work together and grow.
Risk Management Keep us compliant.

Platform Engineering


Enable scalability of our key systems and Mozillians with improved resiliency in key developer tools.

Measurable goal in 2014

  • Elimination of geographical single points of failure for Hg & Git source code systems, Moztrap, and deliver significant improvements on Bugzilla search performance and document and deliver on a plan to meet determined SLA’s.


  • Development related tools Mercurial (Hg) and GIT are key source code systems that must have a geographical redundancy to protect the services resiliency in the event of a major data center or geographical catastrophe. These systems and Moztrap will be made resilient in 2 geographies. In addition, Bugzilla will also be tuned up from the backend to expedite the queries needed by Mozilla developers.

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