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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

2014 Marketplace Goals

Top line: Mozilla will lead the way in establishing WebApps and the supporting ecosystem as overall better alternative to native Apps by enabling developers and the HTML ecosystem to build, distribute, merchandise, and monetize WebApps. Success is measured by impact of Marketplace in the ecosystem.

WebApps Rule

Why? WebApps must be widely understood to be competitive to native, this is central to user choice in content selection. We will do so within an ecosystem approach with partners and developers supporting and delivering WebApps.

What? Increase presence of Top 100 WebApps in Marketplace from 15% (today) to 60%. 13k WebApps in Marketplace (shared with Dev Program).


  • Engagement: Evangelize WebApp capability and monetization opportunity. Launch major WebApps developer event in Q3 in partnership with at least 2 platform partners.
  • Technology: Exit 2014 with demonstrated cross-platform runtime compatibility for device, network and payment APIs, packaging and manifest
  • Cross-platform Tools: Enable 3 cross-platform tool partners supporting FxOS by Q3
  • Outreach: support Developer Program reaching published KPIs in 2014 (13k apps in Marketplace, 1k/month developer signup)
  • Content Acquisition: BD focused to Tier-1 partners + Local content in 7 strategic markets at end of 2014

Supporting which company goals?

  • Scale Firefox OS
  • Add services to products
  • Get Firefox on growth trajectory
  • Enable communities that have impact

Powering Appstores

Why? Marketplace services enable customized Appstores and provide broad distribution opportunities for developers into existing and emerging channels.

What? Exit 2014 powering Mozilla Appstores


  • FxOS/Regional: continuously updated FxOS Marketplace instances in The-World, China, and (if required) strategic market by Q3
  • Android: Launch Android marketplace in Q1
  • Desktop: Launch Desktop marketplace in Q2
  • Game Center: Launch Game Center in Q3
  • Third-Party: enable 2 third-party Appstores by end of 2014
  • Developer focus: simplified onboarding and Apps creation tools in Q1

Supporting which company goals?

  • Scale Firefox OS
  • Add services to products
  • Get Firefox on growth trajectory


Why? Measurable revenue from Marketplace on both mobile and desktop

What? Launch common infrastructure for payments on all Firefox properties in 2014


  • Payments: Operator billing with all available operators, desktop payments in Q2, direct payments in Q3, Game Center payments in Q3
  • Promotion: MP and content partners integration in sponsored tiles in Q2
  • Deployments: Launch strategic partner and self-service process for product launches for OEM's in Q2 and Operators in Q2

Supporting which company goals?

  • Scale Firefox OS
  • Invest in sustainability


Many of these goals depend on other groups also completing goals. Some goals will change. Some stretch goals are not in the list above.