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3-state UI for DNT

Feature Status Release Target Dev Lead QA Lead QA Status
3-state UI for DNT Landed Firefox 21 Sid Stamm Alexandra Lucinet Signed Off


The objective of this feature is to allow a user to express their preferences regarding tracking to each server and web application that they communicate with via HTTP.


  • Tracking Preference Expression (DNT) - Link
  • Various large third parties that have accepted the DNT header - Link

Use Cases

  • Users should be able to choose the option:
    • not to be tracked by third parties
    • to be tracked
    • do not tell anything about their tracking preferences

Test Cases

  • The manual test cases and test results for this feature can be seen here.
    • The test cases are also available in MozTrap under 3-state UI for DNT test suite.


Sign off

  • All the test cases were executed.
  • All the blocker, critical, major bugs have been fixed.