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5 Years of Firefox

This page covers details of the Five Years of Firefox Project. The page acts a a repository for project information, milestone tracking and dependencies. The 5th anniversary of the Firefox 1.0 release is on November 9, 2009.


  • Tell our story on why we're here, what we've accomplished and where we're going.
  • Bring awareness of Firefox's impact on the individual web experience and the browser industry as a whole
  • Celebrate our accomplishments and come together even stronger for the next exciting chapter


The 5 Years campaign will be based around the following key elements:


  • Page will be hosted on Spread Firefox (URL: www.spreadfirefox.com/5years)
  • Design is being created by Sean Martell (Mozilla Designer). See below.
  • Development will be out sourced to Zemoga. See below.


  • Short video which tells our story in a compelling, entertaining, and engaging way.
  • Rough structure includes: showing what the web was like in 2004, explaining the process of how Firefox was built and spread around the globe, what we've accomplished in the last 5 years and our vision for the future.
  • The video will be made available to all our l10n teams to work on localizing subtitles.

Community Participation


  • Ways we'll spread the word about this celebration
    • Start Page snippet (running for the entire month): "Firefox is turning 5! Join the celebration".
    • Promo on First Run/What's New pages
    • Other mozilla.com links
    • Promotion via Mozilla Blog and employee blogs
    • Spread Firefox
    • Social channels - Facebook, Twitter, etc
    • PR to tech and mainstream
    • Tag agreed: "#Firefox5"



  • Jane - Project Manager
  • Tara - Design & Video
  • Mary - Community Partipation
  • Sarah - Events / Parties and Swag
  • John - Copy & all round support
  • Chris B - Copy for hacks.mozilla.org blog post on technical accomplishments in 5 years


  • Overall direction and page design by Sean, but other elements will likely be farmed out to others
  • Needs include:
    • Creative Collective
    • Affiliate Button
    • T-Shirt
    • Template for light shining
    • Special campaign logo/image to be used in promotion and outreach
  • Website design and funcationality:
    • General design direction: scrapbook / photo album theme to convey a sense of Firefox's history and accomplishments. Main focus will be on the video and "light of Firefox participation (details below). Background design elements will use iconic Firefox images from the past 5 years.
    • Iconic historical images could include (but aren't limited to): NYT ad, crop circle, classic t-shirts, Guinness World Record Certificate for Download Day 2008, Firefox 3 robot, Foxkeh, "don't hurt the web" illustration, dino head, photos from past community gatherings
  • Key content elements on the page will include:
    • Headline/subheadline that reinforce the overall 5 Years concept and support the video as a positioning exercise.
    • Video...details below.
    • Light the World with Firefox participation area (see below)
    • Flickr stream of community photos and videos
    • Pre-filled Twitter messages to Tweet out
    • Sign up box: Ability for someone to stay in touch with Mozilla
    • A series of secondary links include:
      • Party planning information - Sarah to update party planning page (http://www.spreadfirefox.com/party) on Sfx page to include new information for 5 Year parties.
      • Creative Collective design challenge
      • Info about the Mozilla mission at mozilla.org
      • Relevant developer-focused content
      • "Coming soon" info about mobile
      • Small Firefox download button




  • L10n for the video and website will be made available to all locales to participate. The web site content and video language is relatively short, however, we will still require super quick help from the localizing teams.


Ken assisting us with getting metrics in place

  • Number of Video view - checking with Zemoga on how we can count
  • Number of times the video was shared
  • Number of times the video was downloaded
  • Page view to website
  • Twitter campaign tracking of "#Firefox5" (Mary & Sarah to help with)




SHIP NOVEMBER 9TH @ 12:00 midnight PAC

  • Video:
    • Video EN completion - Oct 26 - delated to Oct 28
    • Video L10n script kick off - Oct 16
    • Video Subtitle implementation work begins - Oct 29
    • Video Subtitle implementation complete - TBC
  • Website:
    • Design:
      • Design completion - Oct 19: DONE
    • Functionality:
      • Twitter account / hashtag set up and complete - DONE
      • Flikr group set up and complete - DONE
      • Party planner updated and complete - DONE
      • MCC contest set up - By Oct 30
    • Copy:
      • EN Copy for website ready - Oct 21: DONE
      • EN Snippet copy ready - Oct 21: DONE
    • Web Dev Zemoga Team:
      • Web Dev begin - Oct 19
      • Web Dev complete - Nov 2
    • Web Dev - Mozilla Team
      • Minor edits to MCC to reflect design contest - Oct 23-26
    • L10n:
      • Po file (+ snippet) creation starting - Oct 21
    • QA:
      • Test plan: DONE
      • Functional plan
      • Web dev release planning
    • Marcomm:
      • Community Marketing Call announcement - Oct 21 - DONE
      • Party planning tool goes live - Oct 21 - DONE
      • Community involvement blog post - Oct 27 - DONE
      • MCC 5 year challenge goes live - Oct 30
      • blog.moz goes live - Nov 9 12:01am PT