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Currently, download sources are a mixture of the page the add-on was actually downloaded on and the page that referred the download. We need a more consistent system to use for buttons and links.

All new download sources should start contain a 2-3 letter page identifier, 2-3 letter type of source, and the specific source's id. These new sources will be harder for others to understand, but will be more precise and the stats dashboard can easily translate their meanings.

Page Identifiers

  • hp - homepage
  • dp - details page
  • sr - search results
  • cb - category browse
  • etc...

Type of Source

  • hc - hovercard
  • dl - details link
  • btn - normal button

Specific Sources

These are usually some short name for the section or page, such as "mostpopular".


  • hp-hc-featured - Add-on was installed from the featured block hovercards on the homepage
  • hp-dl-featured - Add-on was installed from the details page after being referred through the details link of the featured block on the homepage
  • dp-btn-primary - Add-on was installed from the primary button on the details page