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Search, AMO style integration, AMO submission and status sync, update to 1.0b4.


Milestone Planned Actual Notes
Thaw Monday, March 24
Maintenance Release Thursday, April 7
Freeze Friday, April 22
Feature Release Thursday, April 28


Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
AMO & Mozilla global styles integration Daniel P1 bug 625963 [DONE] The Builder should take its styling cues from AMO where possible
Search Integration - Back-end Sean/Dave P1 bug 625947 [DONE] Ensure that the search service is providing all necessary data required for the first phase of search integration on the Builder. Hook-up the service with various touch points on the front-end.
Search Integration - Front-end Sean P1 bug 625954 [DEFER] Create a search layout and UI based on Chowse's mocks.
Generate & implement a new Add-on Builder logo Sean Martell/Daniel P1 bug 633590 [DONE] We need to move to a new logo that better scales to smaller sizes
Create a new user message/notification Class P2 [DEFER] We decided to swap this feature with the editor UI enhancements that were originally planned for the following release

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