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Harden the app and do rigorous performance testing in preparation for the beta launch of the Builder.


Milestone Planned Actual Notes
Thaw Wednesday, May 25
Maintenance Release NOT PLANNED
Freeze Wednesday, June 15
Feature Release Tuesday, June 21


Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
Search testing and polish Sean/Dave P2 [ON TRACK] Touch-ups for search page and the way we index empty libraries and add-ons
Add-on Test and Download speed optimizations Piotr P1 [ON TRACK] Further optimize the test and download loops in Builder
Finish and test repacker service Piotr P1 [ON TRACK] Test repacker for production launch with Builder beta
Add last of UI feedback elements to Builder's UI Sean P1 [ON TRACK] Still a few places that need activity spinners and other forms of user feedback

Production Server Update Instructions