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Complete the formative elements of integration with AMO. Fix low hanging bugs, code style items, and usability issues.


Milestone Planned Actual Notes
Thaw ---
Freeze Monday, November 15 Monday, November 15
RC1 Wednesday, November 18 Wednesday, November 18
Final Monday, November 22

Server Update info


Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
Auth via AMO API Piotr P1 bug 570360, bug 594568 [DONE] The Builder will no longer scrape AMO to perform authorization actions, instead it will directly perform auth handshakes with the AMO database.
Domain name change IT P1 Deferred to 1.0a7 The Builder will live on the add-ons sub-domain at
FlightDeck Code Standardization Piotr P1 EtherPad of Items [DONE] Correct code style and structure items pointed out in Wil's EtherPad write-up
Add-on Builder mechanism in place to easily update SDK versions Piotr P1 bug 602668 [DONE] See details in bug, this is a release blocker. The first issue (SDK with subdirectories) is done - the other (importing addon-kit) needs work. We've got another issue - Dynamic code loading, for which I just created bug.
Load Module code on demand P1 Piotr bug 607912 [DONE] After importing code from subdirectories displaying jetpack-core never ends. I fixed it for view - edit will need some love in the next iteration
Fully updated documentation Wil Bamberg P1 bug 594907 [DONE] The documentation section of the Builder is out-of-date and does not display the documentation content in the correct format in many places, making reading the Builder docs cumbersome.
Initial UX Review Chowse/Piotr P2 bug 605329 [DONE] Chowse's availability for the UX review is impacting scheduling, but we already discussed a few usability issues I'd like to correct before release that we will work on implementing
Security review Security Team/Web Dev P1 bug 592716 [DONE] Have the security team review the Builder before public release to ensure no vulnerabilities exist that would compromise AMO or the application itself.
Load Testing / Scalability review QA/Web Dev P1 Deferred to 1.0a7 The app needs to be load tested before it can go on production hardware.