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High Impact Features are improvements to AMO that will have a substantial positive impact on a user or developer's experience with a relatively small development effort required.

Consumer HIFs

Search Suggestions

When typing into the AMO search box, we should suggest results based on the entered text so far.

Show only compatible add-ons

When browsing through the site, users should only see compatible add-ons by default.

Developer HIFs

Notification of user reviews

Developers should be able to receive an email when a user reviews their add-on, and users should receive an email when a developer replies.

Editor/Admin HIFs

Revamped Add-on Admin Tool

Port the add-on admin tool to zamboni with the ability to email and log comments to the developer.

Editor Recognition

We have a number of ideas for editor recognition, such as badges and a better credits page


Realtime graph of important stats

Show a graph of important messages in the cluster logs. For example:
  • How many HTTP exceptions were there in the last minute? [1]
  • How many celery exceptions? [2]
  • How many addons were downloaded? [3]
  • Other useful metrics?

This would help boost confidence if doing continuous deployment. The AMO dashboard is here