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Meeting Notes for 2012-09-17

Proposed long term product changes

  • One idea for social was to do it as an add-on but that was too many clicks. So how do we make it easier?
  • Make it easier for AMO add-ons (one click and harder for off amo-addons).
  • Possibly even a pref that needs to be flipped for installing 3rd party. Question is: How do we protect from installers?
  • Maybe only do 1 click for add-ons we deem worthy. That encourages people to play nice in our environment.
  • In 2013 we want add-ons to be ONLY beneficial and no longer a detriment. This will require cross team collaboration and a lot of work on protection from installers.

Short term (Q4)

  • Comprehensive lockdown of keyword.url and other commonly changed prefs. A patch is coming. Gavin to help make this happen.
  • We should have SLA's for addon vendors. If they can't fix something for a month, we should disable until it's fixed.
  • Make the blocklist experience better so that we're not afraid to use it.
  • Look into giving AMO admins better communications tools for what we are blocking and why.
  • Use the blocklist - Add-on makers need to understand that there are consequences for trying to subvert our user protections.
  • Experiment creating a new blocklisting user experience using the Add-on Hotfix. Since this is experimental, we should use one of the less massively-used add-ons, like searchqu. Possible features: block and revert settings, show a screen similar to the Firefox 8 opt-in.

Kev mentions monetization is a big thing at play here. Asa agrees. We need those searches back. This will allow us to experiment with more changes in search.

Action items

  • Jorge to create feature page for updates to Add-ons.
  • Jorge to post about what we've discussed and the proposed changes.
  • PR/comms piece to explain to users how this all works (it's about monitizing you), how to avoid it and what we're working on to combat it.
  • All - Meet again to continue ongoing work on making add-ons awesome again.