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Meeting Notes for 2012-10-09


  • Jeff Griffiths
  • Matthew Grimes
  • Kris Maglione
  • Tyler Downer
  • Jorge Villalobos


  • Lack of engineering resources and the need to prioritize more aggressively.
  • bug 799266 - Malicious Safe Browsing add-on changes id and name.
  • Babylon update.


  • Agreement that a short term solution should be to proceed with bug 784189.
  • Dialogue would appear if any of the settings from bootstrap.js are edited.
  • Tentatively shooting for FF 19 or 20 for reset feature
  • We will be attempting to use a hotfix update after blocking a medium level add-on. This will be our test case to see if this approach can be used on larger issues.
  • Short term solution for Mozilla Safe Browsing would be to hard code the name in the add-ons block list.

Action Items

  • Jeff - Reach out to Alex about using the hotfix to address searchqu as a test case.
  • Jeff - Talk to Dave Townsend about bug 784189
  • Jeff - Talk to Joanne about Yahoo