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Meeting Notes for 2012-10-16


  • Jeff Griffiths.
  • Jorge Villalobos.
  • Asa Dotzler.
  • Matthew Grimes.
  • Kris Maglione.
  • Dave Townsend.


  • Jeff to report back about bug 784189, Yahoo! and hotfix.
  • Jorge: working on an add-on to prototype the settings reset hotfix.
  • Add-ons changing UA string and not resetting it.
  • Announcing Project Squeaky internally.
  • Babylon Update?
  • Malicious add-on report from SUMO
  • bug 799266 - "Mozilla Safe Browsing".


  • Jeff followed up on 784189
  • Gavin wanted something more encompassing than just keyword.url
  • Asa agrees that landing this fix is beneficial
  • We will want both a support article and possibly PR around this fix
  • Want to land this fix in 19. 18 could even be a possibility
  • We will be talking to Yahoo soon to fix toolbar optout issues.
  • Hotfix for addons may be more difficult than we assumed.
  • Asa recommends we fix in trains or is there a light weight hotfix specifically for preferences
  • We could advertise Jorge's addon fix in the snippet.
  • Should consider a one time reset for UA changes as well. We need to be careful as there are legitimate uses for this.
  • We will proceed with blocking searchqu and promote Jorge's addon
  • Jorge has hardcoded the block for Mozilla Safe Browser

Action Items

  • Jeff to update bug 784189 with feedback from Asa
  • Jeff to contact Erica as well
  • Jorge to announce project Squeaky to the company
  • Matt to research different identifiers for Mozilla Safe browser
  • Jorge to finish his addon. Once the addon is ready, we'll blocklist searchqu and use addon as a cleanup tool.