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Meeting Notes for 2012-10-30


  • Jorge Villalobos
  • Kris Maglione
  • Jeff Griffiths
  • Asa Dotzler
  • Blair McBride
  • Erik Vold
  • Dave Townsend
  • Asa


  • [Jeff] Progress on bug 784189.
  • Settings Guard (Firefox Shield?) add-on.
    • Filed legal bug 805213 on add-on EULAs. Legal says this is probably not a problem, but are still waiting for a sample EULA from Kev.
    • Created a Squeaky project section in the Mozilla GitHub account.
    • Go?
  • bug 806451 - Malicious Codec add-ons.
    • A couple of IDs with very high usage (100K+), and ~13K IDs with modest to high usage *each* (between 10 and 1K+).
  • bug 799266 - Mozilla Safe Browsing add-on.
    • Block landed on 17+ and ESR 10.
  • Talks with Montiera.
    • They develop the Babylon Toolbar, FunMoods, Wizebar and probably many other fun things.
    • Wizebar is some sort of service advertised from within the Babylon Toolbar and others, not an extension in itself.
  • Malware proof of concept by security researcher.
  • Reschedule Squeaky meeting because DST sucks.
  • Work week? Dec 10th.


  • keyword.url patch - Mossop working on it, targetting FX19
  • Fx Shield:
    • got legal feedback on EULA issue - shouldn't be a problem
    • no feedbakc from Kev
    • got access to github acct
    • [action item]: upload to github
  • bug 806451
    • group of add-ons 'Codec'
    • generate a number of ids, many are blocked
    • many ( 13k ) unblocked IDs
    • filed bug for regex match for addon block
      • Blair has patch ready
      • attempting to push to Beta
  • moz safe browsing:
    • block in add-ons manager, based on author
    • landed in 17+ and ESR
  • Montiera
    • develops various add-ons, Babylon, wizebar, etc.
    • should block funmoods, waiting for feedback form Babylon
  • Malware proof-of-conept
  • discussion of file registration / whitelist system
  • new meeting time 10AM Thursday Pacific

Action Items

  • Jorge make new meeting
  • Jorge to upload source to github. Next?
  • get SUMO to beta test - Jorge will send email to Grimes and Downer once he's done tweaking
  • Jorge & Blair: code review for Shield? Pull request?