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Meeting Notes for 2012-11-08


  • Jorge Villalobos
  • Tyler Downer
  • Kris Maglione
  • Andrew Williamson
  • Matthew Grimes


  • SUMO Report.
  • Progress on bug 784189.
  • bug 806451 - Block malicious Codec add-ons
  • Firefox Shield.
    • Initial testing and distribution.
    • Repo created on GitHub. Coordinating with Blair for code review.
    • Still need approval on the name.
  • Talking with Montiera (Babylon, Funmoods, etc.) about guideline compliance. Also got a contact for Funmoods.
  • Add-on Guidelines are now on MDN, pending editorial review.
  • Mailing list, newsgroup, or both?
  • Jeff and Jorge @ MozCamp Asia next week.


Action Items

  • [Jorge] Contact Mossop about bug 784189 and bug 806534.
  • [Jorge] Ask Babylon about claro-search.
  • [Add-ons team] Investigate Browser for Change and Smart Suggestor.
  • [Jorge] File IT bug to set up newsgroup for PS.