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Meeting Notes for 2013-09-23


  • Jorge Villalobos
  • Kris Maglione
  • Tyler Downer
  • Monica Chew


  • SUMO report.
  • GSOC over.
    • Improvements to blocklist.
      • bug 640775 - Allow a form of uninstalling add-ons installed globally. Patch awaiting re-review.
      • bug 879480 - Allow external processes to request add-on installs / uninstalls. Patch awaiting re-review.
      • bug 769495 - about:newaddon should scale better with multiple add-ons. Held up on UX review
      • [Bonus] bug 802434 - Support resetting preferences when disabling blocklisted add-ons. Landed.
      • [Bonus] bug 897735 - Support regular expression filters for metadata in extension blocks. Needs new patch.
    • Enhanced Customization APIs will need additional work.
  • Conduit messing with about:config?
    • We found no evidence of this, but blocked the Entrusted add-ons for other issues.
  • Registration PRD
  • Previous presentation about correlation between add-ons and performance isn't based on good data, so the results aren't actionable.