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User Groups

Permission Groups


Rules: *:*

Site administrators with access to everything.

Content Admins

Rules: Admin:EditAnyAddon,Admin:EditAnyLocale,Editors:*,Admin:lists,Admin:applications,Admin:addons,Localizers:*

Content administrators with access to:

  • Edit the details of any add-on
  • Edit the translations for any locale
  • Editor CP (all)
  • Localizer CP (all)
  • Admin CP
    • Lists Manager
      • Add-on types
      • Categories
      • Platforms
      • Responses
    • Application Manager
    • Add-on Manager


Rules: Tests:*

Can run tests in the test suite in production.

Senior Editors

Rules: Editors:*,Admin:EditAnyAddon

Senior Editors can access all of the Editor CP, as well as edit the details of any add-on.


Rules: Editors:*

Editors can access all of the Editor CP

View Localization CP

Rules: Localizers:View

Can view all of the locales and translations in the Localizer CP, but cannot make any changes.

{locale} Localizers

Rules: Localizers:{locale}

Can view all of the locales and translations in the Localizer CP and can change the translations in {locale}.

Creating Groups

Locale Groups

If a new locale has been added, you can create a new group for accessing that locale in the Editor CP by:

  1. Go to the Groups Manager
  2. Click Create Group at the bottom
  3. Group Name: {locale} Localizers
  4. Access Rules: Localizers:{locale}
  5. Anyone placed in the group will have write access to {locale}

Other Groups

For details on access rules, see the Remora Permissions page, but in summary:

  • Permissions are assigned in the form of Controller:Action, so Developers:add would give permission to the add() action of developers_controller, although some controllers are public and don't check access rules (such as the developers controller)
  • A * grants access to all actions, so Editors:* grants access to everything in the Editor CP
  • *:* grants access to everything and should never be assigned to anything except the admin group
  • There are some "fake actions" that are used, generally identifiable by their capitalization:
Rule Access
Admin:EditAnyAddon Edit the details of any add-on
Admin:EditAnyLocale Edit translations for any locale
Admin:ConfigureAnyAddon Can change an add-on's type, trusted status, and locale info
Admin:lists In addition to /admin/lists, also grants access to /admin/applications, /admin/addontypes, /admin/platforms, and /admin/responses
Editors:DeleteAnyReview Delete any review
Localizers:View View the Localizer CP
Localizers:{locale} Grants write access to {locale}