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Add-on Compatibility Reporter

ACR is an add-on for Firefox that lets you report whether add-ons are compatible/working or not. Mozilla monitors these reports and keeps an eye on misbehaving ones to take action to ensure Firefox users have the best experience.

Version 2.0 +

For version 2.0, we ported the add-on the Add-ons SDK


SDK re-boot specification.


  1. Install the extension from here
  2. When testing against preview, go to about:config and change extensions.acr.amo_host to

Report Viewing

To view submitted reports, just go to the Report Viewer or Report Viewer preview and enter the add-on's GUID or AMO ID. To see a sample of submitted reports, go here.

Open Bugs

Issues are now stored in the GitHub project:


Up to Version 1.1

Up to Version 1.1, ACR was an extension for Firefox, Thunderbird, and Seamonkey that lets you enable add-ons that are not compatible with the current version you are using. You can report whether add-ons are compatible or not. Mozilla will collect these reports and inform add-on developers of the status.


For full details, see the spec.

Release Process

Here are the steps needed for a release to go out:

  1. All bugs fixed have to have the correct Target Milestone in Bugzilla
  2. Mark fixed bugs as FIXED
  3. Briks will post a test build
  4. Henrik Skupin will test bugs in the milestone bucket
  5. If go ahead is given, upload the XPI to AMO.
  6. If issues are reopened, either fix them and return to step 1, or push out to the next release and go ahead and release anyway.

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