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Collections and peers to get started

This is just the start. We won't document all. But at this point it has to do with the social networking effects. We are reviewing some en-US and investigating which Brazilian ones. The approach that seems to be working is simply inviting people to be co-peers - that's that.


  • Rey Bango, Mozilla

New Ideas

  • Looks like the e-mails invitation is a good system. But then, if we enable the wild free e-mail invitation what happens is that end-users are going to face a site, that IMHO, is difficult to understand. There are lots of too much info on AMO now, and the Collections UX is complex. The potential is great as I think it is more towards GEO and cultures and it also gives someone the ability to simply talk about an existing extension - it does not have to me multi extensions to be a collection. I like the fact when its' only one thing too. ( marcio )

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