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developer.AMO Features

Please post comments on the blog post or AMO newsgroup -- not here.

One of the primary goals of developer.AMO is to aggregate resources into one place, but we shouldn't duplicate or copy content that we don't need to. Therefore, we can break content into two groups: aggregated and hosted.

Aggregated Content

1.1 Developer News 
News of interest to Add-on Developers
Status: Spec'd; awaiting design
1.2 Upcoming Events 
Upcoming events of interest to Add-on Developers
Status: Awaiting spec
1.3 Documentation, Tutorials, Code Samples 
Links to relevant documentation on MDC and other content
Status: Awaiting spec

Hosted Content

1.4 AMO Policies 
Policies for hosting add-ons on the site, review guidelines, etc.
Status: Awaiting spec
1.5 Case Studies 
Case studies of add-ons
Status: Awaiting spec
1.6 Taggable Searchable Code Repository 
All extensions that have their source as viewable online should be accessible in a repository that's searchable. Users will also be able to select lines of code and tag them, such as "opens a new tab" or "creates new about: page" for easy access to code snippets.
Status: Awaiting spec
1.7 Developer Tools 
The Developer Tools part of AMO will stay where it is, but should be reskinned and otherwise associated with the developer site.
Status: Awaiting spec
1.8 Extension/Theme skeletons 
Provide downloadable, documented skeletons for major extension types, such as a toolbar, sidebar, statusbar extension.
Status: Awaiting spec
1.9 Metrics 
We should display developer-related metrics such as average time in queue and others TBD.
Status: Awaiting spec
1.10 Best Practices Documents 
We should create Best Practices Documents on important topics like Security, Performance, and Usability
Status: Awaiting spec
1.11 Forums 
Forums for extension development support, add-on ideas, etc.
Status: Awaiting spec
1.12 Surveys 
Designated area/widget for developer surveys to be posted.
Status: Awaiting spec