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Requirements for AUS3.

General Goals

Referential integrity in data source

  • Add an RDBMS - MySQL likely - that uses a schema designed to store the data required for business rules and update metadata -- including data points we may not even track currently (these need to be defined).

No duplication of data

  • Basic normalization (without OVER normalizing) should quite easily take care of this.

Ability to automate releases (minimal human work)

  • Dashboard that shows all valid releases and their updates would be beneficial for knowing the state of any given client that requests an update.
  • Able to trigger new updates -- switch to say, "okay, push the udpate"
  • Able to define fallbacks

Ability to automate tests and QA/verification

  • Able to verify availability of update binaries, possible integration with Bouncer/mirror network
  • Able to verify correct XML output based on incoming parameters
  • Able to verify .mar application and update application

Automate .mar generation

  • Able to generate .mar files by request? More from dmills here.