Existing Tools

These need to be consolidated into a more complete single testing suite:


  • uri version
  • product
  • version
  • build
  • platform
  • locale
  • channel



<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <update type="minor" version="" extensionVersion="" buildID="2006083105" >
        <patch type="complete" URL="" hashFunction="md5" hashValue="90f58b8836f288d42e2c14ea5ba3c71e" size="15408802"/>
        <patch type="partial" URL="" hashFunction="MD5" hashValue="712b418e5c300be941515d5f75eb167f" size="6859"/>

AUS Flow

To learn a little about what logic determines what XML is displayed, see the AUS flow chart.

Test Assumptions

Sets of rules we can use to make our tests easier:

  • For a given product, platform and locale, the output for all possible combinations having buildID more than one-off the latest will be identical
  • One-off buildID offerings will have an added partial update that points to the latest build.