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Logo 0002 68.png Timely Contribution Form for about:Mozilla
Owner: Community Building Team Updated: 2014-09-30
Please provide timely contributions for the newsletter

What is about:Mozilla?

The newsletter, written jointly by the Community Engagement and Community Building teams, features one timely contribution activity per newsletter. The newsletter runs on a bi-monthly (every other week) cycle. It also features a Contributor Profile Many teams have timely contribution activities that they need to send out to contributors, and the about:Mozilla newsletter is the place to do that!

What is a Timely Contribution?

A timely contribution activity is an activity within your team that is not part of your regular volunteer cycle. This means it is a one-time activity where contributors can help you achieve your goals. These activities are featured as a way to excite and motivate new contributors to do more for Mozilla or provide more established contributors new opportunities within the organization.

How do I submit a timely opportunity to the about:Mozilla newsletter?


Go here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1lsbmxbjhnTIH6XS-dhscKprsStm9d6eDWji2zHeJh_8/viewform

The form is not so long anymore! The more details you give us, the less followup we'll have to do.

I want to recognize a contributor!

Is someone doing awesome work with your team?? Tell us!


What is the release schedule?

The newsletter is released every two weeks. The Contribution Activities editor (Jennie) will reach out to you to ask for your opportunity two weeks before the newsletter is released if your activity has been chosen for the newsletter.

Please refer to the release schedule on this calendar

Where are the archives?

Archives will be added here:

May 15, 2014

May 30, 2014

My Opportunity is Just Too Timely!!

If there's something that can't wait for the next cycle, please get in touch with Jennie at jhalperin@mozilla.com