Accessibility/Remaining Mozilla-1.9.1 Nominations

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This is a document to help triage the approval requests for mozilla 1.9.1 in the Accessibility module. The query is here.

ARIA 1.0

These are bugs that implement late changes to be compliant with the ARIA 1.0 spec, which is now on last call for review.

  • LANDED: bug 452388, landed on January 12, caused no regressions, has tests
  • LANDED: bug 472679, landed on January 12, removes features that were dropped from spec, therefore no tests.
  • LANDED: bug 474294, landed on January 19, no regressions, tests already present and didn't regress.
  • LANDED: bug 474408, landed on February 10, no regressions, feature removal, test that used this feature tweaked.
  • LANDED: bug 474340, landed February 10, renaming of an ARIA attribute, no regressions.
  • LANDED: bug 467387, landed February 17, has tests, caused no regressions.
    • LANDED: bug 478810, landed February 26, follow-up to bug 467387, has test, needed for completeness.
  • LANDED: bug 475006, landed February 15, has tests, no regressions.
    • LANDED: bug 482563, landed March 10, has tests, purely cosmetic renaming/comments.
  • LANDED: bug 477876, landed February 20, has tests, no regressions.

Text attributes

The below is a list to complete the text attribute exposure support, which is a new feature of accessibility in Firefox 3.5.

  • LANDED: bug 467146, landed January 24, has tests, caused no regressions, is needed for compliance with IAccessible2 specification, which specifically calls for font-size attribute to be exposed as points rather than pixels.