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Old bugs are bugs that have been filed a long time ago. Eventually we have to admit that old bugs that are just untouched in many, many years are unlikely to get fixed by anyone. It's hard in many cases to figure out if the bug is still an issue or something that is no longer valid or relevant. To keep the backlog of bugs down, we hope to close old bugs.

Please note: A large amount of code in Firefox has come from contributors who don't work at Mozilla and any contributions to bugs is welcome.


  1. We'll add an "intent to close" the bug message as a comment on the bug, giving anyone a month to comment if the bug should be re-opened.
  2. We'll point to this page so we can expand the details.
  3. We'll add in [intent-to-close] into the bug whiteboard.
  4. About one month later we'll close that bug, with "RESOLVED WONTFIX" to indicate that at this time no-one has worked on the bug.


Just because we are closing a bug, does not mean that the bug is invalid or the reporter was wrong. It just means no-one has worked on it, it hasn't been prioritized by anyone.

It could be important.

We could be wrong.

Re-opening a bug

Can I re-open an bug closed this way? Yes.

  1. Please remove [intent-to-close] from the bug whiteboard.
  2. Please add some comments about why you think this bug is still a valid bug.

We are glad you care about the bug and we would be happy for someone to get the bug moved towards some sort of conclusion. Thanks for helping us clean up some old bugs, its appreciated.