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Add-on reviewers volunteer their time and effort to keep users safe and help developers expedite their listings on (AMO). Reviewers are an integral part of a healthy add-on community, and to recognize their contributions, there is a recognition program that awards points for their contributions. Reviewers are eligible to receive cool swag and other perks based on the number of points received every four quarters of activity.


Add-on reviewers gain points whenever they review an extension with a risk factor of 20+, and receive more points for reviewing extensions with higher risk factors.

Risk Factor Range # of Points
> 150 140
100 - 150 120
20 - 100 90
20 > 0

Content reviewers receive 10 points per review.

Swag & Other Perks

Reviewers will receive swag after four quarters of activity based on the number of points they’ve accrued during that time. At the end of the fourth quarter, their points value will reset and they will start accruing again for the next four quarters. Check back soon to see some examples of swag.

Other perks are available to reviewers who consistently go above and beyond in their contributions.

Note: We take quality seriously, and will take action to discourage and prevent erroneous and negligent reviews. Actions are taken at the Add-on Community Experience (ACE) Team's discretion, and may include deduction of points and/or suspension of review privileges.