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This page outlines the plans with There are multiple pages for AMO, but this page should be considered canonical from June 23rd 2016 onwards.


This page outlines the goals and plans for AMO for the second half of 2016 onwards. AMO has been a major property at Mozilla for over 12 years and is in need of an overhaul and some improvements. The KPIs for add-ons include:

  • increasing the number of add-ons used
  • increasing the number of add-ons developed
  • improve the add-on usage experience

... and AMO can be instrumental in improving those.


In order to support those KPIs we need to focus on some key goals on AMO. These include:

Scope of AMO

To assist in supporting the goals, there are some changes in the scope of AMO and what it should support. Those include:

  • Focusing on add-ons that work on modern versions of Firefox.
  • Phasing out add-ons that aren't built on the WebExtensions API, by the end of 2017.
  • Assume default add-on compatibility with Firefox.
  • Dropping AMO features that don't contribute to the KPIs.

Short term plans

(Immediate quarter, Q3)

  • Redoing the mobile pages (more detailed spec to come)
  • Get Django to version 1.9 and updating all the packages to the latest versions
  • Simplify the add-on lifecycle. Complete spec.
  • Developer and reviewer communication. Spec.

Long term plans


  • Developer hub redesign starts
  • Simplify add-on lifecycle (missing work). Complete spec.
  • Unlisted review tools.
  • Admin tools.
  • e10s?


  • Revamp user feedback tools (abuse reports, compatibility reports, ratings, add-on support).
  • End user experience redesign.
  • Reviewer tools revamp.