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High Level

  • Make up legacy / lost traffic
  • Implement new tracking system
    • Omniture?
    • How can production site w/ 200k hits per day, pull from Omniture?
  • Dashboard
    • Hits / Downloads
    • per...
      • user
      • button
      • referrer
      • total per time period (day, month, etc)
      • locale
      • campaign

Nitty Gritty

  • Referral archives DB table is getting too large
    • Save backup and prune this down
    • Build aggregates out of pruned data
    • Build system to compile aggregates for new data
  • Log processing is inefficient
    • Creates heavy load on DB replicators
      • Split processing DB into a DB not being constantly replicated
    • Points tally uses DB too much
      • Refactor points tally process
      • consider dropping / changing points
    • Parsing and download.m.o log, is inefficient
    • Legacy button HTML
      • contact affiliates, ask them to upgrade?
      • when do we stop tracking these?