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About the Africa Mradi

The Africa Mradi is a programme that leverages Mozilla’s role as stewards of the open web to promote innovation grounded in the unique needs of users in African countries. Our approach to this programme is driven by local needs, to support local voices and entrepreneurs, and to solve local problems. Our goals are to generate product development, build community, build capacity, and produce a meaningful impact on the African internet ecosystem.

Africa Mradi Work Streams

The Africa Mradi is based on four strategic pillars, or work streams. Informed by interviews with dozens of partners from the region, the distinct work streams address key focus areas for the Mradi and connect together through strategic synergies.

Power Local Innovation

Build new tech that addresses real-life issues in the global south

Localise our existing products

To serve the real-life experiences of users in the Africa Region

Movement Building

Build the base and improve internet health

Policy and Regulation

Advance policies that promote a healthy and open internet

Current policy priorities include:

  • Access and Connectivity
  • Personal Data Protection/Privacy
  • Digital ID



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